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Locomotive Light Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Locomotive Light turned 2 first time hostel skeptics into hostel converts. Locomotive Light picked us up at the airport for 10 euros cheaper than any cab. The receptionist was friendly and suggested an awesome eatery (Huszar) around the corner. It was clean, inexpensive, and great location for training in and out of Budapest, especially at odd hours. Plus, it's located right above a cash machine making it easy to get Forints for enjoying Budapest. All four of us were pleasantly surprised by LLH.

Camping Serenissima

Venice, Italy

The only complaint that I have is that we were awoken every morning by the cleaning staff at 8 am. Not too early, but we were on vacation! They used the table right outside our cabin, and their materials hit the wall that was right up against my bed. They were very loud and did not seem to make any attempt to work quietly. Also, we could not use our table for breakfast because they used it for sheets every morning from about 8-11 am.