Reviews: enragedorange

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 27


Athens, Greece

The hotel itself was a good place for a good price, no complaints at all there. The location is...interesting to say the least. It's a very doable walk from the center and all the big tourist attractions, and close to the metro, but the immediate area is kind of...well, it's easy to forget you're in the EU. I wouldn't call it threatening or dangerous, but be prepared for a less-than-prosperous atmosphere. Wasn't a problem for us, but it might be for some.

Pak Hotel

Kusadasi, Turkey

Good place! It's located outside the main tourist zone (may be a plus or a minus for you), but close to a big open-air market. The staff was very helpful and the room was well-furnished and in good shape. A great price, too!

Artemis Hotel

Selcuk, Turkey

Great place! Very central (though it's hard not to be in Selcuk), with friendly, helpful staff and good furnishings. An excellent deal for the money!


Highly recommended! I had several last-minute complications with my travel plans and the staff were extremely accommodating and helpful. The building itself is very nice and has lots of character and charm and all the amenities (free wifi, a kitchen, dining room, ample bathrooms/showers) one could want from a hostel. The only downside is that it's somewhat difficult to access from the train station - you have to climb a steep road without sidewalks for part of it. Otherwise, perfect!

Auberge Bishop

Montreal, Canada

Great place in a perfect location

Hostelboat Anna Maria II

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Good access to the Red Light district especially. A neat experience all-around. The room was a little dark and cramped, but that's to be expected on a boat I suppose. Definitely a fine choice.

Hotelboot Angeline

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great hostel! Comfortable, spacious rooms, good location very near the red-light district, great staff, and of course the novelty of being a boat. Highly recommended!

Zebra Hostel

Milan, Italy

A little out-of-the-way, but cheap and with a great atmosphere. Fine choice as a "party hostel."

Backpackers BCN

Barcelona, Spain

All-around great place, could hardly have been better!

Euro Hostel Plzen

Plzen, Czech Republic

An easy walk from the city center or the train station. The room was very nice and clean, with free wifi to boot. Highly recommended!

Chili Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Fairly central location, fun character, nice rooms. Really no complaints at all.

The Hostel B&B Utrecht City Center

Utrecht, Netherlands

Good experience on the whole. Close to the Utrecht city center and about 20 minutes from the train station. Everything was reasonably clean. The ample food offerings and general fun atmosphere were definitely the hostel's biggest perks.