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HI Boston

Boston, USA

Nice hostel, clean bathrooms, large lockers in dorms (bring own lock) and outlets/light by each bed, free breakfast with hard-boiled eggs, cereal, bagels, oatmeal. Wi-Fi doesn't work in rooms. Use of computers is $.10/min. Can also print. Location: Chinatown 4 mins from metro. But this is the most expensive hostel I've ever stayed in, incl. in London. If you don't have HI membership, extra $3/night. Luggage storage free on arrival, but after check-out they charge $3 for the common room lockers.

Central Station Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The good: cheap hostel, secure, ensuite bathroom was clean (shared by 10 people), location near Dam Square. However, it's right in the red district, so many of the visitors will be guys looking to get high and check out the prostitutes. Incredibly difficult to find, it's in a tiny alleyway off another alley that's off of Damstraat. You cannot use thin wire locks for the lockers, and getting them from the hostel costs 3 euros (you don't get this money back, so you may as well keep the lock).

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Clean beds, good security, & one of the staff (cute guy with brown hair) was helpful and nice. However, not enough plugs in the room (guy said he'd install more), and the wireless was very spotty. Lockers had a plug inside, so you can charge your stuff. Place gets loud when lots of people party for happy hour. You also had to walk outside to separate building for the showers, which were cold in the morning, had no bench for your stuff, and the floor was always wet. Kind of far from town center.

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Okay hostel, good location, cheap. One dirty toilet + 2 showers on my floor, and then more bathrooms/showers all the way in the basement. Fellow travelers looked kind of shady. Enough plugs in the rooms, decent wireless. Good security. Kitchen, along with lounge and dining area. Lots of food ppl left behind. Be careful if you book a 3-bed room, since you might get the one in the basement (no windows and people walking past you to the bathrooms). One of my bedsheets had a stain.

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

A little hard to find: take bus 9 or 14 from train station to the stop right before Clausener Breck, walk under the viaduct and turn immediately right, go down the small walking path that goes down the hill, and hostel is on your left. It's huge with large common area, restaurant, rooms & bathrooms are clean, good security, only one laundry machine & dryer (free, but detergent costs 7,50 euro). NO WIRELESS in the rooms, and one of the women's showers is eternally cold,

Steffi's Hostel Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Nice hostel with decent staff, but there was a putrid smell emanating from the bathrooms the first night we stayed. It didn't reek the next morning, but it was still unpleasant walking down the hallway that first night. Place was clean, location very close to the train station, and there's a Lidl in the same building.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Nice hostel near the Hauptbahnhof, clean rooms and beds, laundry room, nice bathrooms with hot showers. Great value for your money, and you have to use your keycard to get into the hallway with the rooms, so good security. Staff helpful and printed some documents for us for free with their printer. However, the luggage room is very narrow and was packed with suitcases, so there was barely any room to store our things before check-in.

The Urban Age

Bangkok, Thailand

Nice location near a Skytrain stop (Sala Daeng) and the Patpong Night Market. Bathrooms consisted of two shower stalls and a toilet on floors 3, 4 and 5, each leading into the hallway, which was slightly weird and not very private. Hostel had one computer to use (only the first 5 minutes were free; after that they charged), and they didn't have a printer (this was extremely annoying since there was no convenient internet cafe nearby). Dorm beds were okay, but no electrical plugs near upper bunks

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Dear Guest, Thank you for your review. The bathrooms in our hostel are shared. There are doors and can be locked, so it is very private and safe once you are in there. For computer, our computer in the hostel has been hardly used because nowadays many guests have their own laptops and smart phones. We provide free wifi 24 hrs. For the printer, there are printer shops/internet cafes nearby (only a few mins walks from the hostel). We have already checked with our staff and we found that you did ask for the printer at 11 pm which the shops are already closed. We explained to you that we can print it for you the next day but you left very early on that day. For the electrical plugs in the room, there are. You can see them from the bottom of your bed. Next time if you have any special request that you need during your stay, please come to talk to us directly so that we can make your stay pleasant. Regards, Urban age

Phuong Nam Hotel & Villa

Hoi An, Vietnam

The rooms were nice. Noise from construction nearby. Buffet breakfast wasn't bad (good omelettes), but I kept finding tiny bugs in the pastries, muffins, and baguettes all 3 days I was there. The receptionist also tried to rip us off by charging us a higher exchange rate (21,500 dong per US dollar) than what it really was that day (only 21,000 dong). We looked it up online and pointed this out to her, and she relented, but the hassle put us behind schedule so that we were late for our flight.


Nice hostel with a great breakfast (omelettes, baguettes), clean room with twin beds, private bathroom, free towel, mini refrigerator, desk, chest with lock, and A/C. Two of the electrical sockets didn't work in our room. Hostel had a printer, and let me print my airline tickets for free. Our flight was delayed 20 min. and there wasn't a driver at the airport, but the owner gave us a free dinner that night and drove us to airport when we left. Wi-Fi access was NOT password-protected.

Villa Thony 1 House 1

Luang Prabang, Laos

Spacious room with double bed, private bathroom, mini refrigerator, free towels & linens, A/C and TV. There wasn't really a breakfast area or common room to meet other people. Free bananas and cofffee/tea available all day. Nice owner who had an adorable puppy named Wifi to play with. Only problems were with the windows, which lacked screens and glass. There were only heavy wooden shutters which did not completely close shut, so mosquitoes could get through the cracks. Use mosquito spray.

All In 1 Guesthouse

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Large room with a double bed, private bathroom, mini refrigerator, chest with hangers for clothes, fan and A/C. Free towel. Breakfast not free. Laundry service charged 50 baht/kilogram, but just down the street you could get it done for 20-30 baht. Female receptionist with a British (?) accent was a little impatient. Eating area comfortable, loved the decor. Warning: there are a lot of cats at the hostel, sitting on the chairs, lounging in the hallways. Stay away if you're allergic.

Sivarin Guesthouse

Bangkok, Thailand

Very nice hostel with clean shared bathroom, free towel, soap, shampoo, hot showers. Rooms were pretty and clean. Hostel had computer and printer; first 3 pages were free. Great breakfast (though it didn't look like the picture). Location not near Skytrain, but it is only a 15 minute walk to a nearby ferry stop on the river, making it cheap and easy to get around. Staff very nice and helpful. Only complaint is that our free bottled water on arrival wasn't sealed and tasted funky, like bad tap.

YHA Bangkok Airport

Bangkok, Thailand

Great hostel for early morning or late night flights. We stayed there for our flight into Bangkok at 11:30 p.m. Hostel owner was extremely nice; he helped us deal with a corrupt taxi driver who overcharged us. Then, after I accidentally locked my backpack with the key still inside, he went to find tools to break open the lock. When that didn't work, he went to get the security guard down the street to break it open. Hostel is very near the airport, you can see it from the patio. Clean showers.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The major problem was that there was no electrical outlet in our room. There was one in the bathroom across the hall, but that was it. So we could not charge our things in the room. Other than that, the place is clean, with a friendly staff, and the owner teaches tango lessons on Saturday nights. Has kitchen and three computers (that were somewhat slow and old, but at least two of them worked when I was there). Wireless works downstairs. Near metro stop, around 1.25 hrs. from airport by metro.

HelloBCN Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

This hostel was wonderful! The place is clean and very secure. Laundry is on-site. Good location on a quiet street near the metro and sights. The wireless is good. The staff is very nice -- when I left sth. behind, Jessica the head receptionist was really helpful. She prepared the package so that Fedex could come pick it up and ship it, and she stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process. I really appreciate it!

Alice in Wonderland

Rome, Italy

The building itself is very cool; huge wooden door, old elevator, lot of character. Make sure you contact them with your EXACT arrival time; sometimes the owners aren't there for days. We were lucky and after waiting an hour a group of fellow travelers came back and went inside. The breakfast is nice, there's a computer with internet. They use these old skeleton keys that were really hard to open the rooms with. Safe location, right by the metro but took us 20 minutes to find. Clean rooms.

Ciao Hostel

Florence, Italy

We had booked a 3-bed female dorm, but got a 4-bed mixed dorm instead, so that was kind of weird. On the upside, our room on the ground floor had access to a kitchen and two bathrooms. Very quiet since it opened onto the garden. However, the wireless did not work at all in the three nights we were there. They said it constantly had problems. This caused a hassle for us, since we had to contact our next hostel with our arrival time and were unable to. Reception hours also limited.

L' Imbarcadero

Venice, Italy

The hostel is close to the train station but hard to find. You turn right down a tiny alleyway by the water and the door is right there, but there's no sign so it's easy to walk past. Very lovely view and great access to a waterbus. We stayed in the 6-bed mixed dorm that faced the canal. They kept the windows open, and the sound of the water was nice but there were little gnats that flew in and bit you at night. Alex cooked for us when we were there, but you have to be friendly and social.

Zurich City Apartment 2

Zurich, Switzerland

The apartment is nice with good wireless, a small kitchen and a bathroom. The owners are very nice too; they gave us an impromptu tour to the old part of Zurich, gave us recommendations on the best places to go to eat/shop for candy, and gave us some history on the city. The apartment is kind of a far walk from the train station; about 15-20 minutes with luggage (I had a carry-on suitcase with wheels). Not terribly hard to find, though. Rooms are simple but clean and with their own lock.

The 4You Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Great location, on a quiet street, hot showers 24/7, good lounge. Staff were very nice. Limited wi-fi reception, even in the lounge. Loved having the washer-dryer on site. Lock on room was hard to open, and the walls in room did not absorb noise well so you could hear everything like it was amplified. Free Breakfast was decent. Luggage storage with a security camera in the room.


The showers here are cold!!! My friend hurt her knee walking around Paris and was able to bring down the swelling by running the "hot" water over it in the shower - it was like ice. And it's cold 24/7 no matter what time you shower. They're doing remodeling so there was a nicer wing of the hallway on the second floor with better-looking rooms. Not terribly hard to find, on a quiet street. No washer/dryer yet when we were there.

YHA London St Pancras

London, England

Clean with a nice lounge, somewhat expensive (you pay for everything - internet, towels, breakfast, luggage storage) but it was across from St. Pancras train station and the Underground, making it pretty convenient. Got there around noon and was able to check in early, always a plus.