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Grha Sindoro

Jakarta, Indonesia

Very, very nice guest house. Absolutely no problems. Staff very nice and a very nice garden area.

Sunny Guesthouse

Koh Samui, Thailand

The people who run the hostel were very friendly and helpful. The room I had on the top floor was really nice. Plenty of room and very light. View not so great but it is located away from the beach. But, only a couple of minutes walk away. Would definitely go back there again.

West Side YMCA

New York, USA

Very good for the price considering the location and much better than some of the hostels which charge much more for much less - especially in the area of cleanliness. Includes a gym and cheap wifi too - pity it is not available from your room tho.

The Candy Hostel

New York, USA

Way too many bugs in the bed. I was bitten every night. At least two different types of welt. One from bedbugs. The toilets were quite often blocked and overflowed and on some nights the residents seemed to make a point of slamming the doors as loud as possible. Also the rooms were only cleaned once a week. I stayed here a couple of years ago and they used to clean the rooms and change towels, which are now tiny, every day. Definitely going down hill. Costs $8 a day for wifi. Seems a bit over th