Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 25

Hostel Utopia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The stairs were really small, someone with a big suitcase would have problem going up, and there are no elevators. The only thing i really didnt like was that they didnt had a place for you to leave your bag after the check out. We were leaving only in the night and we had to carry our bags around all day long.

Clown and Bard

Prague, Czech Republic

We liked a lot our stay in this hostel, it was cheerful, but sometimes at the reception the smell of cigarettes was too hard (like all bars in prague, since they dont have any laws against that) . The other problem was that there was no elevators, and could be hard to go 4 floors up with your baggage. But we liked our stay and probabily would stay there again.

Villa Vasilis

Mykonos, Greece

No customer comment

Hotel Les Chansonniers

Paris, France

The hotel was good, but they were rebuilding some rooms, and before 10am they were doing a lot of noises in front of our room.

B&B Rome In Art

Rome, Italy

A really nice place to stay. The owners Delfina and Luca were really nice, they send you a lot of tips, so you can always go to some italian places, eating well for less. When i am going back to Rome i am sure that i am going to stay there again.

Hotel Ideal

Naples, Italy

The hotel was really good, the only problem was that the internet only works in the reading room, so you have to go out of your room to use it, and was a bad internet too. But the price was really good, so its a relly good place to stay.

Casa Susy

Sorrento, Italy

No customer comment

Emily Suites

Sorrento, Italy

No customer comment

Luna-Park Hotel

Paris, France

The only problem was that they had no lift... sometimes getting 5 floors with your bagage can kill you. But almost all hotels in paris are like that...

Euro Inn

Milan, Italy

The water in the shower was cold and the heating was poor, but was cheap...

All'Angolo di Romeo

Verona, Italy

The Staff was really carefful and nice. The room and bathroom were really clean. The decoration of the room was nice. The only problem was to find the hostel in the night, we would like to have more information, the Piazzeta was really small and we pass through without seeing.

Hotel Atlantide

Venice, Italy

No customer comment

New Hostel Florence

Florence, Italy

No customer comment

Fortaleza Hostel Bariloche

Bariloche, Argentina

Its a really nice place, but its a little bit faraway from the citytown (about 30 min by bus) and i had some difficults finding the place because was getting there at night! (not a good idea that..) but the staff was really nice, there was almost no one at the hostel, so if u are looking for some quiety place that would be a good opction. When we got there we thought that would be too far away, but all the things to do in bariloche they go get u at your place, so its not a big problem...