Reviews: Anonymous

Hyde Park Hostel

London, England

This is the worst hostel I have ever been. I was in a 21-beds room and I felt like a rat in a sewer. I don´t complain for the number of beds, of course, for I knew that when I booked. What I mean to say is that there were no lockers at all in the room and therefore the guests had to scatter their stuff on the ground, which was very dirty. Also, no good ventilation of the room: a chain made it impossible to open the only opening window, which remained ajar the whole night. The staff was rough.

City Lodge Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Having added the kitchen had been a high improvement of the hostel (these days was my third visit in a few years), but I think it would have been better to have two stoves, possibly separated, in place of one. Very much appreciated the friendliness of the personnel (special praises for Luis and Herman). Bad points: these new steel bunk beds are too noisy (the old ones in wood were way better); the 18-beds room is really humid and stinking in the morning (no windows).

Slottsskogens Youth Hostel

Gothenburg, Sweden

One thing I really appreciated is the setting of the beds in the rooms: they are on two levels, separated from one another (no shakes when your neighbour moves) and have a thick curtain to guarantee the total privacy. Also the boxes for storing the luggage are quite large (with the exception of two beds in the 16-beds room). The kitchen is well designed and has two large fridges. What is a bit poor is the location, although its being out of the centre saves the guests from the traffic noise.

City Lodge Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

I slept in bed n° 12 and could not help but hearing all the nights the noise made by the fan for the recirculation of the air (I am talking about the big room, of course). It there any other means to do the same jo with a less noisy system? Apart rom this, I really enjoyed my stay a your hostel and will be there again next time I come to Stockholm!