Reviews: vitorjbr1980

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 36

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Looks like a good hotel, only with ensuites fitted with 4-8 beds. Very clean! And like others wrote before me, one of the best breakfasts EVER for hostel or even hotel! Even coffee makers serving cappuccinos and other hot beverages. You don't need to wash your dishes, and while you don't have the option to cook, cheap meals are served for lunch and dinner. Even beer! Staff is very polite and professional. Not easy for making friends, it's too large and sometimes feels like you're in a campus.

Ciudad Vieja Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

My stay was short but I like it there! My only complains were lack of keys for room doors and not so safe lockers under the beds (raising the mattresses rack would reveal your belongings) and bathrooms that were always wet and poorly lit. But the place was comfy and daily activities were great. Really loved it! Moreover, the specials makes it very affordable to stay for an extra day.

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

It was great! Helpful staff and nice place. Close to everything you want. May be a little hard to find at first but the next day it will be very easy. Loved it! But keep in mind it's not a place for heavy partying and group activities. Feels more like home away from home. And that's a reason to like it even more.

Astor Kensington

London, England

Feels like home, located in a posh neighborhood, close to a tube station (Gloucester Road) and many bus/nightbus stops. Nat Hist is only a short walk as is the Kensington Gardens. Some rooms suffer high noise from the trains during the day. Breakfast is instant coffee, milk, juices, cocoa, bread, butter and some fruits.

Astor Kensington

London, England

Beware of noisy rooms! The tube line runs at the back of the building. My room was the 44 and others ending with a 4 had the same problem: Huge noise every 3 minutes! Put that aside and you'll stay in one of the nicest hostels in the world. Excellent location, great staff, very good experience!