Reviews: noonook

Location: France, Gender: Male, Age: 31

pluses: - comfy beds - actual working wifi (a rarity in hostels) - central - cheap - clean, well equipped - quiet (you can sleep after a day out) - warm showers minuses: - bit cold in winter (but doesn't affect your sleep I found) - quiet in winter (if you are looking to party/meet people, but not their fault) - cold bathrooms (but warm showers). the shower system is a bit strange though - no free locker... not the best if you want to keep your things secure (you can pay for it th)

Victoria Hotel Backpackers

Melbourne, Australia

No customer comment

Oban Youth Hostel

Oban, Scotland

Not convinced... the + + clean + ensuite the - - kitchen closed at lunch time (!) - no internet unless you pay £3 an hour - you have to leave the place between 10.30 and 14. - breakfast not included conclusion: if you want just some overnight stay, sleep, wake up in the morning and go for a walk all day, it is nice. If you want to rest after a hard day walk, sleep in and relax while checking your emails/fb, go somewhere else. Found a B&B for £1.5 more with all the comfort.

Lisboa Hostal

Algeciras, Spain

I don't really know how to judge this hostel, as it is not one: it is a hotel, very very affordable. As such it has all the amenities of a hotel (private rooms/bathrooms), but lacks those of a hostel (common area/kitchen/breakfast and so on). But definitively worth it if you are a single traveller or a couple wanting some privacy

DeCadiz Cadi

Cadiz, Spain

(+) staff, cleanlinesses, location (-) bit noisy (during the day), our room was a bit too easy access (window leading to the common rooms, so anyone could get in really)

Cordoba Bed and Be

Cordoba, Spain

So far, the best hostel I have stayed at. Cleaned, well located, great facilities, friendly easy going staff, 4 locked doors to finally manage to get in the room (so pretty secure:) and so on... Absolutely no negative point.


Granada, Spain

Funky staff, great location (just outside the centre and the Alhembra, Good clean hostel :) Didn't wake up for breakfast, but anyway I rather go outside and have a tostada in a cafe, as it should be :) Nice area of town, quiet but central. Bit of an issue with the air conditioning, my bed was right under it, which means the nights were a bit chilly. You might want to get the directions to the hostel a bit clearer, it is a bit hard to find the first time...

Antigallican Hotel

London, England

It really depends what you are looking for. It is clean, cheap for London, the facilities are great, quiet. But it is very far from the centre (and you will lose in transport what you saved on the booking). The staff was a bit unconcerned, but without any major problem. Basically good for a quiet week in London when you want to relax a lot and travel little, bad for a week end to party.

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

+ location (can't get any better) value for money cleanlinesses (bathrooms and rooms were spotless) day staff comfy beds (on the hard side, but my back loves it) quiet (very good surprise knowing the location) - predictability of the hot water in showers (took 4 showers, 1 boiling hot, 2 lukewarm, one really cold) night receptionist particularly ignorant/uninterested common room a bit cold (character wise) lack of lockers in rooms (was too tired to wake up for breakfast:)

ibis budget Hotel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Ddidn't really stay long enough to judge, just a night, come in, sleep kind of stay. Drunk people at reception when I checked in, but it is Glasgow :D Room and bathroom were clean, bed comfy, that's all that matters for me.

Konrads B&B

Reykjavik, Iceland

Great location, comfy beds, bathroom spacious and clean. Would gain by being slightly warmer (people wise), as the owners were pretty unconcerned... Construction workers in house at 8am was very annoying, especially when you are like me and want to sleep in. But hey, cheap ish (compared to Reykjavik's utterly uber overpriced hotels) and central

Amsterdam Hostel Centre

Amsterdam, Netherlands

mixed opinion. first impression was of a pothead hostel, but well, we are in amsterdam, most people dont come for the architecture. (+) helpful staff (+) cheap (is) (+) beds/rooms clean (-) bathroom: you can take your shower while being on the toilets, and it gets flooded. shower curtains would be a good idea. (-) the crowd it attracts. amsterdam hostels are not for quiet or romantic getaway: your roomies will be high and drunk everyday or so.

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

very good hostel, would recommend (+) friendly staff, helpful and make you feel welcome (+) clean, warm showers (+) comfy rooms and beds (-) size of showers: you might have issues if you are a + size (and hurt your elbows anyway) (-) noise level, both from the street and the bar :( :( :( (-) bar toilets

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

great hostel! (+) comfy rooms and beds, clean (+) nice and quiet (+) great, helpful staff (and sexy, which always helps:) (+) clean bathrooms, showers are hot (the handle system is a bit weird, no big fuss) (-) unisex bathrooms (not much of a problem, dont be shy) (-) going outside to access the bathrooms

Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

"hey, a garage! lets put beds in it and make people pay 25e for it!" avoid. (+) breakfast (+) bar (-) security (anyone can get in common areas, no lockers in rooms, rooms door barely locks, lockers in locker room look like they have been broken in before) (-) bathrooms (rusted, dirty showers, water pretty cold 5 days out of 7, bathroom cold, your stuff will get flooded) (-) cleaning staff (rude, dont know how to knock, useless at cleaning showers) (-) location (dodgiest part of town)

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

Depends what you are looking for. If you want a stay of a couple of days, to visit or party,it is great, but not so good for longer stays and resting. (+) Rooms and bathrooms new and clean, kitchen well equipped (except for spoons, for some reason), beds are comfy, very central but still quiet-ish (bar next door sometimes plays a bit loud). (-) Internet rarely works, check in in other location and no reception (pbm if you lock yourself out), no common areas, kitchen closes from 13-16 and 23-7.

Reykjavik Backpackers

Reykjavik, Iceland

the door system is annoying (it rings if not closed properly) but it insures nobody is going to sneak in your room. ventilation in the rooms (especially the ones overviewing the main street) and the showers (suffocating) could be improved. staff really friendly and helpful, location central (you can't get more central, just can't), a bit pricy (but well it is on the main street), beds are comfy, hostel is generally clean. no lockers in the rooms but you can access some outside. overall good

Guesthouse Pavi

Reykjavik, Iceland

if you are a single backpacker looking for a bed to crash, nothing else (and i mean the nothing) or a student/worker/whatever desperate for accommodation (my case) and ready to settle for anywhere off the wind (though in that case you might want to look up couch surfing), then it will answer your needs. in ANY other situation, look for something else :D NO KITCHEN! STAFF AWFUL! NO SECURITY! INTERNET NOT WORKING! NO BREAKFAST!

Backpackers Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne, England

good hostel, a bit pricy, but that\'s newcastle, they are all more or less the same. a special mention to adam, the owner, he\'s been an ace. really clean hostel, showers are good once you get the grip of it. small regret there is no stove in the kitchen, but talking with adam he said they were ordered and due to arrive, so... all in all, a good stay. oh yes, no lockers, that would be the only big drawback