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The place is great for the amount of money spent. The property owner does an awful lot of screaming on the phone though which is rather annoying. Furthermore, I did find her to be a bit rude in general and inflexible regarding changes to my accommodations that were out of my control.

Las Vegas Hostel

Las Vegas, USA

I was there for a couple nights and think that it is a great option for someone without high expectations. I did have some problems checking in because of computer problems which was frustrating considering I arrived late at night, but the staff was friendly and willing to answer questions and provide advice on how to get from one place to another. It was also nice to have the option of fixing breakfast. The area is definitely sketchy so that is something to watch out for.


I expect nothing but excellence from a place owned by Catalans! Great location, friendly and efficient staff, awesome location and breakfast was always something to look forward to every morning. The room was smaller than I would have liked and the TV had several channels without sound, but then again when in NYC why stay at home and in your room? Who could ask for anything more?