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Blablabla' Faro

Faro, Portugal

I really liked your hostel, it was very homely and welcoming. You were also very helpful when I arrived, thank-you. It was very much appreciated that you let me stay until my bus was departing.

Mowbray Court Hotel

London, England

Helpful staff and great location made this the perfect place for me to stay for one nite. Thanks.

RK/Buckner hostel

San Diego, USA

The hostel was exceptionally clean, which was nice, and the location was great. The WiFi was also excellent. The only real downside was the few people that were there that seemed to live there permanently. They kind of made the place feel like a halfway house.

Casa Del Sol Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

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Having one bathroom for 12 chicks is ridiculous. Also, advertising that you have parking when you don't is bad form.

AAE Bourbon House Hostel

New Orleans, USA

No customer comment

Las Vegas Hostel

Las Vegas, USA

I loved the pool and my room and bed were huge, which was also fabulous!


No customer comment

Venice Beach Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

The bed in my room was very uncomfy but my room was beautiful. I had a view of the ocean and afternoon sunshine. I would have been happy to live there! Free food was an awesome addition.

Maria Sabina Hotel & Backpackers Hostel

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Kitchen was average at best. There was no breakfast to speak of and no where to eat it - common areas were non existent. Although the guy at the front desk was nice the night we stayed the staff had a party and were extremely loud till about 4am. It was truly horrible.


Merida, Mexico

One of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. Not only because of the amazing pool but it was also extremely clean. The staff were amazingly helpful and the atmosphere was very social. I could of stayed here for months, happily.

A Casa di Amici

Palermo, Italy

Great location, near lots of restaurants and bars. Just ask the staff about good nite spots as they know where the parties are!!