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St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is well located, close to the central station and the Dam square, very clean and with an excellent character and atmosphere. Value for money wise, its an excellent option when visiting Amsterdam. The hostel's staff is quite polite, helpful and attentive but unfortunately this can not be said for the bar's staff. Another minor drawback is that if you are leaving your stuff prior of after you lodging to the hostel, you have to pay for the lockers as there is no storage room available.

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Thanks again for your feedback. As already discussed with you personally, we apologize for the fact that things haven't quite gone as they should've in our bar whilst you were staying with us. We are following this up, and hope you'll allow us to better serve you in the future. - St. Christopher's at The Winston

Plug-Inn Boutique Hostel

Paris, France

The place is super clean, well located and the staff was super friendly and helpful (except the guy with the long hair). Minor drawbacks are the super tiny toilets and bathrooms, the lack of a special character, the limited facilities and the major problems with internet connectivity, which can be pain in the ass sometimes. Never the less, the place is definitely recommenced and it's an excellent value for money option if you are spending a few nights in Paris.


All in all it was a nice hostel to stay, well located, friendly staff, quite clean and generally good value for money. Minor drawbacks were the lack of a microwave oven, the lack of door keys to the rooms and the fact that they charge you for keeping your luckages after 14:00 and am not sure if they are that "green" as they claim ...!! Still though I highly recommend it for spending a few nights in Barcelona

Labyrinth Hostel Weimar

Weimar, Germany

This a cozy and hospitable hostel which is definitely recommended ...!! The location is excellent so is the stuff. Always willing to help you and trying their best to serve your needs. Its quite clean and with an artistic deco ...!! Only drawback is that It doesn't have a vibrant atmosphere, but you wouldn't expect due to the culture of the city that hosts it either ways.

Atlantis Hotel Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, Greece

It was a great hotel to stay and my experience there was satisfying and pleasing, especially value-for-money wise. The place was cozy and super clean and the staff was friendly. Only drawbacks were the lack of an elevator and the fact the shower in my room at least, was super tiny thus uncomfortable. This place is definitely recommended for all sort of travelers.

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

All in all it was a good hostel and definitely good value for money. Minor drawback was the toilets / bathrooms which on the second floor was not what you expected them to be (the too narrow etc) . The staff was awesome ...!! Really helpful and always with a smile up on their face. The place was clean and the lounge was cozy and packed with nice people. The only thing is that I am not guide convinced that this is the best the city has to offer.

City Circus Athens

Athens, Greece

This is one of the best Hotels I have ever been, so that's why I 've been coming back to it ...!! Youth friendly, with an excellent atmosphere, astonishingly clean with a super-friendly and helpful staff, located in a busy neighborhood close to the city center, well what more is to ask .... Its the best you can get in Athens value for money wise ...!! Definitely recommended

Pension las Rias

La Coruna, Spain

The place was ok but its more for the older generations lets say. The place is super clean and the staff is quite friendly and helpful. On the down site, I had some troubles finding it but it was not that hard eventually. 2 major issues I faced was the lack of elevator and that the toilet/showers were not only tiny but also on the upper floor. Location wise is not bad (10 minutes from the center), but it could have been better. Maybe search for something else first and if not try this place.

Big Apple Hostel & Hotel

Istanbul, Turkey

The hostel is located quite close, less than 5 minutes away, from the old city center and the main historical touristic attractions. The staff was simply amazing. Really friendly and helpful, ready to assist you at any request. The breakfast they offer was something of a beauty. Really wide variety, good quality and tasty. Just be a bit careful cause since its Turkey, the food its a bit spicy but awesome. Minor drawback was the lack of an elevator. This place is really excellent value for money

Center Ramblas

Barcelona, Spain

On the upside of this hostel is that is ideally located close to Ramblas and value for money is quite ok. Downsides where the relatively poor character and atmosphere, accompanied by the poor cleanliness of the place. You don't call it filthy but am sure the can do better than that. Another aspect was the low quality of the breakfast served, not that good but if you are hungry its ok. Another major issue we faced was that the elevator broke down on us which took them ages to fix.

City Circus Athens

Athens, Greece

THIS PLACE ROCKS ....!! One of the best hostels I have ever visited ...!! The stuff was very friendly and helpful, the hostel was really clean and located just a few minutes away from the busy Psyri and Monastiraki areas ...!! Definitely recommended...!!

Alias Youthhostel

Antwerp, Belgium

This hostel is located relatively close to the central station but quite away from the city center. There was not much to it, like no character or nice atmosphere. The lockers didn't work so there is a profound security issue as well. Major consideration is also the cleanliness of the place which was long gone. The place is filthy with worn linen, uncleaned floors and eating tables. The only good thing was that it was relatively cheep. I would only recommend it as a last resort

Shelter Jordan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Quite descend hostel with friendly, joyful and helpful staff ...!! The location is moderated since its a bit away from the city center but its well severed by the public transport. Only drawback is the annoying noise within the dorms by night which can become a pain in the ass. All in all I recommend it for staying in Amsterdam

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

Excellent location and good value for money ...!! Clean and cozy, just within seconds from Grand Place the center of Brussels is definitely recommenced when visiting Brussels ...!! The only thing misisng is the round the clock availability of the staff.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

Nice hostel with cheerful character, located in a perfectly commuted area, close to the city center ...!! Definetly recommended ...!! Only drawback is the cleanness of the common / shared toilets and showers, which could drasticly improve in order to make an overall perfect Hostel ...!!


A quite nice Hostel located really close to the main central station. Character, cleanness and service were fine, so overall it's a good option for accommodation in Taipei. Drawbacks : no elevator (which is a an serious issue if you are staying on the top floors ...!!), limited service / assistance from the reception, since it closes quite early and low speeds on internet connection ...!!

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Hello, Firstly, we would like to thank you for staying in Taipei Main Station Hostel for three nights. The recent information given by HostelWorld shows that you were not satisfied with us and hence rated us particularly low (66% - our average rating is 87%). We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we provide our customer the best located hostel with the cheapest possible pricing. Hence, we apologize for our lack of effort in assistance from the reception which resulted in your dissatisfaction with us. Also, due to the lack of elevator, we strive to assist most of our customer's luggage to their room. Tonight, when our staff took notice of the ratings you gave us, we were despaired. We will gladly appreciate it if you are willing to rate us again. We hope that if you have any comments or queries in the future, you are always welcome to inform us through email, giving us an opportunity to improve. Once again, we sincerely apologize regarding your dissatisfaction. Yours faithfully, Mike Manager Taipei Main Station Hostel

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Quite noisy and not that equipted ...!! I didn really enjoy staying there at all ...!!

Budapest Budget Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Really nice hostel with a very helpful staff. A true represented of the Hostel spirit, I definitely recommend it if you are traveling on low budget and if I ever get back to Budapest I guess I will be staying there again ...!!

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yes we are working on a friendly vibe hostel, thx for the comment