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Design Hostel Goli&Bosi

Split, Croatia

Everything was great except the pin codes for the lockers and doors worked inconsistently.

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

Great beds in room 4! Building is kind of old but the hostel was nice. Staff was friendly and served us a free dinner. Lounge area is chill with low-laying cushions.


Bathroom in the room was pretty run-down (very loud toilet), but the staff and courtyard area were nice!

Bounce Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Wifi = expensive. Otherwise a pretty nice hostel!

Jimmyz Backpackers

Sapporo, Japan

Clean, quiet, and comfortable. Jimmy is cool, and the place is quite calm. Enjoyed staying here with just a few others. (was not at maximum capacity) The lockers for valuables were a little small, though. (could barely fit a normal sized laptop)

USA Hostels Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

Beds were kind of bad and crinkled like plastic. However the lounge area was great and the dinner wasn't bad. Lots of activities provided.


Bathrooms weren't very nice. At one point I experienced really low water pressure in the shower. However, I tried a different shower the next time and it was fine! — Free breakfast was quite nice. Very good value overall.

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Hello. Thank you for your comment. The water pressure depends a lot on the amount of people having shower at the same time, anyway we will take a look on that. See you back someday!

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Weird that it's underground, but cool. Staff was fun. Liked the café. Good food. Great location. Very clean.


Zurich, Switzerland

Cheap + cool place to stay. Not enough bathrooms, but that was OK. Very fast Wi-Fi, and good sized lockers with power!


Great place to stay! Like a hotel. Very clean + modern. Fast Wi-Fi.

Flying Pig Uptown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Building isn't very new, but it didn't smell or anything and they did a great job cleaning it. Would stay here again.

The Silk Road

Venice, Italy

Peaceful. Nice. Clean. New.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Room smelled like nasty B.O. ... but it's a hostel, so I guess that's somewhat common. Might have just been the 9 people in it


Downstairs bathroom smelled horrible, but upstairs one was good. Rooms were good! Wish they would put out liquid soap instead of bar soap for basic hygiene reasons. Bring your own or at least some hand sanitizer.


Excellent! I've stayed here twice now and it's great.


No customer comment


Not as nice as some of the other hostels I've stayed at in Japan, and they left our room's door unlocked twice, but otherwise it was fine!

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

Tokyo, Japan

A little quiet, and people kept leaving our suite's door unlocked. However, was one of the nicer hostels I've stayed at!

IS@K Guest House

Seoul, South Korea

Pretty cool place with nice staff. However, staff wasn't super helpful in helping plan out things to do or offering adventures.

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

Not bad. Only stayed one night, but nothing in particular stood out to me as being problematic or annoying. Apparently the area the hostel is in is not the absolute best, but that can be said about all of NY and the staff seemed to think it was perfectly safe. (I only mention this because one of my friends got mugged nearby sometime earlier this summer, but the staff said there have never been reported issues)

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

Well, aside from literally almost setting the place on fire while plugging the lockers in (which were unplugged, do not try this) ... This place wasn't bad. They clean frequently, the location is decent, and the people are nice and there's plenty of things going on. The basement is really cool with a library and lots of social areas. Just FYI, Room 122/123 are right next to the elevator machinery. Which is quite loud and disturbs you constantly. I had to use earplugs.

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thanks for your comments.and we'll check right away to see what is wrong with the locker for the elevator - we had the machinery greased just last week and think that will fix the noise issue. We're sorry that it was noisy for you and hope you'll come back and give us another chance.


A solid place to stay!

Afei Surf Hostel

Kenting, Taiwan

Great staff and crowd, although mostly Chinese or Taiwanese. (Not as diverse as most hostels I've stayed at) Lots of Chinese speaking tourists, not many English. Still, great time. Dogs are around so if you are allergic, keep that in mind. Also, they do not have security lockers ... but the area seems safe. Still, I would be careful.

Colorful Taiwan

Hualien, Taiwan

Hostel is a bit lonely, but otherwise great. Security lockers, clean rooms, comfortable beds, good AC ... just not a lot going on. Only a few other guests when I stayed. Non-24/7 staff made it a ghost town.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Dear Ben, Thanks for all your nice compliments. These are all the sweet characters we wish to provide to all the backpackers from all over the world. It's low season in our city now. We also hope it's fully booked everyday. If you come back again in summer then you will feel totally different..."so much so that you will probably miss the tranquility then ^_^


Security is a bit lax. Lockers in the room are $1 each time you lock, and you can't use your own lock. Some rooms are easy to break into without keys. Place was very clean, but honestly attracts both a great young crowd and a sketchy, drug using crowd of all ages. FYI, many of the people in Hawaii hostels run out of money while staying.