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Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

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Wang Fat Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

For HongKong is this Hostel a good alternative tomthe crowded Chunking Manson to a similar price and quality. Room is air conditioned and I got a quiet night. a facility is very good and stuff is very helpful.


When I read all the review I expected a really rude stuff, but It's the normal chinese Matter: if you exacted say what u want, u will become it. Therefore I had the whole time free cold and hot water and wi-fi access. In addition I was personaly welcomed by the menager which gave me a bottle of tea for free. As well the room and the bed are clean. As overwiev I have to say this hostel was one of the best one, recommendable if you understand the Chinese manner.


see my last review


For the avarage Dormitory price you become a very good location (everything is just a quick footwalk away) including a map with all hotspot. But the ultimative best thing is the free beer/coffe/tea each day, combined with the aircondition room common room u easely find many travelmate. There are only a hiccup: the wall in the dormitory are on the top open, so you can easy see, hear and go to the others in the other dormitory room.

Overseas Tibetan Hotel

Xiahe, China

Because I is the only Hostel here, I had to book there. The rented bicycle are crap and it seems there have some mess in organisation. The bed are clean, bad the floor is really dirty. I struggled to go to the WC, because of the awful stink and mostly you see the shit of the last three users of the toilet. But the food there was delicous and the stuff help you when you have problem.OK for standing not more than 3 nights.


for 15Yuen you become a clean bed with a perfect stuff service, absolut recommendable, even I find a cockroach in my food (it's probably just bad luck, or the famous Sichuan Delicatesse;-)If you have for some days time you have to see the Sichuan Opera!


Because of the nice location and really nice stuff I stayd 3 days longer. It was the place that I never so much fun then there! Thanks a lot!

Teddy Bear Hotel

Mt.Emei, China

The pick up service seems just to exist in the advertisement,.Even when I phone them and ask for cheaper possibility they couldn't say which bus I can take, which is a lot cheaper (1 yuen).Finally the owner gave me 5Yuen, when the taxi cost was 20 Yuen! The service was very rude, but give all necessary information when I ask for. The AC in the room are hard to regulate: once is freezing cold, once it doesn't really start.


Cause of this Hostel in Kunming a had a very good time, had my best food and met a lot of nice guys. The room are clean and quite huge. This hostel is one of the best one that I visited (about 35 Hostel in total)


very nice and beautiful hostel, just hard to find in the first time


very friendly and helpfully stuff, the hostel is on the first time just hard to find.


The only hiccup is the find the hostel without any descritpion, but with calling and asking the locals I finally find it. The room are clean and the hostel looks lovely. I had the best Chinese breakfast and Dinner there for free. Therefore I had really to say that I had the best stuff that I ever had! Thank you very much!!


see in my last review


the room are cleaned daily and the stuff helps a lot if u have any problems or questions. There are a few Hiccup: because of the unclear place description you will often go to the wrong way, go from the bus station to the entrance on the SAME SIDE! For go to my room I had to go over the balcony which was always unloked and hard to find.

Hotel Taiyo

Osaka, Japan

For the price u become a own clean room including Japanese Bath! For that it is absolut recommendable!