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Home Dome

Clermont Ferrand, France

This is not really a youth hostel because you get a single room if you travel alone. I stayed just one night and it was very comfortable and the staff is more than friendly!!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice, clean and cosy but the cabin is very small even for only 3 adults

The CubaHostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Great hostel!! I hardly recommend it!

Chillax Hostel

Moscow, Russia

Good hostel except the bathrooms!!! Only one room with a toilet and two showers altogether. One curtain for two showers and you are not allowed to lock the door. No intimacy at all!!! Kitchen overcrowded with food. Good staff and good wifi

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Thanks for your comment! Just to verify your bathroom comment - there are a total of 4 bathrooms and 4 showers in the hostel. The rest of them are just in the men's bathroom. As for the curtain - as you know we have very high-tech shower cabins, that you can not be seen through. So when you shower, you have full privacy. The extra curtain, between the 2 showers and the rest of girl's bathroom is actually extra privacy, that no other hostel in Moscow provides. As for the kitchen - we ask our guests to put their food away in one of the 2 fridges we have available, but, unfortunately some people leave their food laying around. But as you understand we don't have control over guests, besides asking them nicely and cant force them to put food away. However, once the guest leaves, his or her food is then cleaned up by our cleaning lady, who as you saw comes to clean the hostel 3 times a day! Best of luck on your future travels! -Chillax Team

Baikaler Hostel

Irkutsk, Russia

Great hostel with all the facilities and a lot of useful information if you start your trip to Baikal. Small but cosy and easy to meet people.

UB Guesthouse & Hostel

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Cheap and clean, free breakfast and free internet, free pick-up and very helpful staff. Great location. I recommend this place!


Clean, cosy and good facilities. No key for the bedrooms! Nice location but quite far away from the bus stops and subway station. Staff is not nice at all, they can't give any information. And the worst, when they cleant the bedroom, they took my stuffs and couldn't find them back for quite a long time!! Then they said it's not their fault but mine!! So I won't recommenc this place, only because of the very bad staff!!

790 on George

Sydney, Australia

Good hostel, good value, very convenient location. Great to spend one night before taking the train or plane, but I found it too big and busy to really meet people

Oslo Hotel

Melbourne, Australia

I chose the backpacker mainly for the parking, and there's not. Very bad staff, unhelpful and mean!! They laugh of you, first said you can cancel whenever you want. Then, when you ask for a refund, they said 'maybe tommorow' ' come back next week maybe' A lot of mistakes in the booking (not the right dormitory, not the right gender). No linen on the beds, need to ask a lot of times!! And the place was very VERY VERYYYYYYYYY dirty, especially the kitchen. You can't eat there!!!! Simply awful!!!

Reggae Guest House 2

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We waited 3 hours to have our room!!! first, the guy at the reception said us to wait a few minutes, aferwards he sent us in an another hostel. We had to come back of course, and he said again to wait again, laughing!!!!! No way!! Hostel is clean, but rooms are very very very small! We had a double room, which is a room of 1,50m on 2m, so 3m³ for two people!!!!! awful...