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The Hipstel

Barcelona, Spain

I booked for the hipstel because it said it had air conditioner, and barcelona can be really hot duri g the summer. The air conditioner didnt work. I asked for a fan, and the brought me one that also didnt work. When I went for a complain in the morni g the manager keep me waiting one hour, only to tell in a rude way there was anything he can do, and that air conditioner works perfect, that it was our fault to not be parience enough. I would stay in this hostel, too expensieve for what it is.

The Hipstel

Barcelona, Spain

the manager was so rude! air conditioner did not work!

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The hostel is so nice, however, when you go to the lounge, the staircase smells funny... the thing is that all the bathroom has windows to this stairecase, and the staircase has no ventalation, I bet this is not very hyegenic.... the beds are nice, and the location is incredible

Hayarkon 48 Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

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