Reviews: HEEWAN

Location: South Korea, Gender: Male, Age: 29

PangeaPeople Hostel & Hotel

Berlin, Germany

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Sleep Easy Hostel

Verona, Italy

Bathroom is so dirty, so that I can't feel good during using it.

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Sorry, but you really expect on that coming at 10pm (despite the checkin finish at 8pm we received you the same!) to find the bathroom immaculate after 4 other people have used it all day? The bathroom is cleaned every morning and delivered perfect at 1pm, then depends on the respect of the people to keep it in decent!! Thanks for the good review.

Bologna Bed and Breakfast

Bologna, Italy

There is no staff, who can speak english. :( But they are very kind. so language is not a big problem

Tourist House Santa Croce

Florence, Italy

Hostel staff is very nice, but I doubt about cleanliness of hostel, especially common kitchen area. I know staff try to clean daily, but other users never clean their own dishes. So during 5 days stay I never use kitchen... except that, it is a quite nice hostel.

Cracow Hostel

Krakow, Poland

overall, this hostel is good enough to stay.

A&O Nuernberg Hauptbahnhof

Nuremberg, Germany

so far so good, it is normal A&O Hostel in Germany. Staff is unkind and bathroom door is broken.. anyway it is cheap hostel without breakfast.

A&O Dortmund Hauptbahnhof

Dortmund, Germany

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Best Island Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Amazing scenery on the rooftop. :)

Prague Square Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

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River Bank Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

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