Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel Hage

The Hague, Netherlands

I really liked this place! Its far from the train station but just because it is close to the beach. And also close to some restaurants down the street/ It has good TV channels and has a lot of charm and character. I loved Den Haag and this place was quite amazing ;)

City Hostel N├╝rnberg

Nuremberg, Germany

This hostel was in a great location!!!!! The staff is great. I really liked the owner, this older man. The kitchen/lobby was a great place to socialize. The internet was a but of an issue. It would go in and out in the upper floors. The showers werent very private either. Overall, lots of character and charm!

A&O Nuernberg Hauptbahnhof

Nuremberg, Germany

The internet here is expensive and the free internet in the lobby didnt work. It is close to the train station and not too far from the old town areas which is good. There was always a long line of people at reception, that always seemed to take forever. Also, kind of over priced...

Five Elements Hostel Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany

This hostel is amazing. I loved it. EXCELLENT location. It was quite, clean, and pretty amazing. Free internet big refrigerator. Really really great overall.

Lollis Homestay

Dresden, Germany

This was a good place. The staff was very nice. I didnt like the location as much, wasnt as close to the main area as I thought it would be and a 10 min walk from a tram. The room was nice but the bunk beds shake a lot for any movement. Great price though! :)

Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Good location cause of bars bad location cause of bars. Fun but hard to sleep cause of the noise. Awesome staff and safe though.

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

It was very dirty and loud. I dont reccommend it for people who like privacy or cleanliness or a good nights rest. I would NEVER stay here again.