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Residence Rooms

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

It's a good place to stay, especially if you want to be right in the thick of things. The hostel is located right in the main bar/entertainment area of Sarajevo. Only complains I have is the AC was not working while I was there and at times you have to wait a long time to use the showers. There's 2 bathrooms per floor, but only 1 shower. Staff was great though

Hostel Sunseekers

Split, Croatia

The hostel is nice, cozy little place on the 3rd or 4th floor of an old building. The staff is great! They're super friendly and helpful. The biggest problem is the directions listed are crap, and then add to that that the hostel is super hard to locate anyway. Overall, it's a good place to stay, but if you decide to go here, just come to terms with the fact that you are going to get lost the first time you try to get to this place. Once you embrace that, then the rest is pretty good.

The Four Corners

Zadar, Croatia

It's well located, right smack in the middle of the old town. It's not like staying at a typical hostel, it's more like sharing a room in someone's apt. Overall it was good, at first I thought it was a little expensive, but compared to staying in the old town in Split or especially Dubrovnik, it's cheap.

The Brit Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Best hostel I've ever stayed at. Centrally located, the entire hostel was pristine, the room were spacious (i stayed in a 6 bed dorm) and the beds were comfortable. Wifi worked well in all the areas, nice little lounge/bar area where you could hang out, meet people, have a drink etc. Best of all was the staff, they were super helpful and friendly, and they went out of their way to help me when I left some stuff behind there (thanks in particular to Neda). I would definitely stay there again.

Sexy Tractor Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

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Ideal Hostel Pension

Fethiye, Turkey

Made a reservation for a 6 bed dorm. When I got there they told me everything was already booked even though I had my reservation. They offered the terrace, I ended up at a different hostel and when I got to that place I found out that they had done this to a couple of other guys too over the past couple of days. So two of the guys had stayed on the terrace the others guys had ended up at the same hostel at me. So it seems like this place just double books people pretty frequently, not giving a

Olympos Orange Bungalows

Olympos, Turkey

Excellent hostel, been traveling through my Turkey for the past month and so far Orange has been the best. Excellent breakfast and dinner, clean facilities, nice lounge area upfront and well located to the few things there are to do in Olympos. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

Sabah Pansiyon

Antalya, Turkey

Nice location within the old town, I stayed in a one bed private and it was a decent room. The price was moderate, there are definitely cheaper places available that aren't listed on Hostelworld that you can find once you get to Kaleichi. Staff isn't helpful in terms of suggestions or recommendations. Everytime I would ask them for a suggestion on bars, restaurants, tours, etc. Their only answer was to go to their restaurant, their bar, and book trips through them. So that kind of sucked.

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Gabriel, the staff that wasn't helpful upgraded your room free of charge, answered your many constant questions, gave you maps, and gave you thorough answers to your questions. If you were unhappy with us, why after 2 nights of staying with us did you extend your stay for another 2 nights? It's expected from a business, to recommend their own products + we offer clean, fresh, tasty food from our restaurant and cheap drinks to all of our customers. You also can't beat our tour prices.

Bada Bing Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Good hostel, I stayed in a six bed dorm, the entire building was kept very clean especially the bathrooms. There were always showers available on my floor and those were kept very clean as well. Big lockers under the bunk beds in our room big enough to fit even a suit case. Nice kitchen, and rooftop area, and the entire staff was friendly and helpful. The hostel is really well located in terms of the city. My only knock on it is that it's VERY hard to find at first. Even with the map provided.


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Vibes Hostel

Quito, Ecuador

Good hostel well located, right in the nighlife district of Quito. Showers have hot water, and the beds are comfortable. Nice common area with a bar, tv/movie area, and a good size kitchen. Pretty clean, overall i would stay there again.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Building is kind of run down, I had problems with the showers, at first they werent working, then when they did work it was just ice cold water. On the other hand, free computers w/internet was pretty good, and its well located (less than 5minutes away from Termini Station). But there are better hostels in rome for about the same price..

Cinque Terre Holidays

Cinque Terre, Italy

I wouldnt recommend staying at this hostel, because it was overpriced. When we looked to book it was our only option available, so we had to do a two bed private. Total it was coming out to 90 euros a night for the two of us. And all we were getting was a tiny room with 2 beds. The other thing is that even if you cant find a booking on here. Your better off just showing up to Chinque Terre anyway and one looking for one there. When we went there were plenty of other rooms that were cheaper

The 4You Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

The best things about this place is that its really well located, 2min walk from the main trainstation.. Directions arent the best, so basically when you get off your train, walk to the front of the platform where the the food court is and exit to zour left, if you are directly facing all the food venues.. walk straight across the street, and pass the casino, it should be on ur right, after u pass the casino, hang a left, walk straight and u should see it on ur right hand side within 2mins.


Clean, well located, and easy to meet people, the bar inside is a nice touch.. Not the Best hostel in Vienna, but a good choice nonetheless.


Vienna, Austria

myMajovie is by far the best hostel I have ever stayed at. In fact to call it a hostel is inaccurate. Its more like you're staying at a friend's apt and he just happens to have roommates from around the world. The place is REALLY nice, its about 5mins from Burgasse metro station, and about a 20min walk from the Museum Quarter. The staff was soo nice, they helped out with everything, from directions to cultural sights, to what clubs to go to. I would definitely recommend mojovie to people.

Old Prague Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

The main reason to stay here is that its really well located, the hostel is 5mins walking from the old town center.. As far as the staff, well its hard to say. The staff that was there early in the morning was very helpful, but the guy that was there in the evening, would pretty much just tell you to f*ck off. 2nd night I was there I mentioned to him that the lightbulb for the only w/c on our floor was out and he said he would change it, but that didnt happen. Next night i mentioned it to him again, and he

Baxpax Mitte Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Very clean, but laundry service does not apply to all three hostels. I was sent to the down town hostel to do laundry, but the person a the front desk had not checked to see if it it was busy, so when I did arrive I was told by the staff that they were not sure when it would be unoccupied. From there I was redirected to another laundromat.. Having to walk around Berlin trying with a load of dirty clothes was not the greatest. It could have been easily avoided by the person at the front desk at my hostel, Mi

X-TRA The Hotel

Zurich, Switzerland

Nice place, quiet location, with friendly, helpful staff and they include a pretty good breakfast. But my biggest surprise was that their was no shower in the room... Instead they just have a big faucet in the room which works as your shower.

Pop Hostel

Madrid, Spain

This hostel was pretty good, the staff was really friendly and helpful, and its in a great location. They're less than 10min walking distance from Gran Via and less than 15min from Puerta del Sol. The place is not going to astound you with how clean it is, but its also not going to disgust you. But just so you know the rooms are small, and someone 6ft or taller is not going to fit on the bed. But over all I would say it's a good place and I would recommend it to anyone going to Madrid.