Reviews: Anonymous

HI Copa Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Would not stay again. Most of the staff were good and the location was good. The 12 women dorm were crammed in one room as a result the A/c did not reach the people sleeping in the corner by the windows. I was in a all male 8 bed dorm woke up (around4-5 am) to a creepy person fondling me. Anyways that was disturbing but not the hostels fault. I told the counter staff what had happened. They spoke to the manager and a spoke to a witness confirm. Nothing was done. I felt very uncomfortable.

Hostel Van Gogh

San Jose, Costa Rica

We stayed here for the night. The owner was helpful and knowledgeable about the area. He even helped us find a taxi to the Tica terminal. I just didn't like that there's no locker to put your stuff away or the fact that there's only 2 washroom for the entire hostel. But other than that the place is really clean and spacious and close to central.

Sleepers Sleep Cheaper Hostel

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Quite hostel, not a party hostel. Spacious area. Great breakfast they served fruit plate, toast, egg, cereal and coffee. Great value for your buck! And owner are really nice!

In The Wind Hostel & Guesthouse

San Jose, Costa Rica

This hostel is the dirtiest hostel I ever been to. Their bathroom is really gross with mold, spider webs and the toilet looks like it haven't been cleaned for a while. The owner was really nice and helpful. The location was ok. You need to take a bus downtown and the bus stop was only a five minutes walk. We booked a private and it was close to their garage hangout. We found it to be noisy. We had just got off a two day flight and wanted catch up on on some sleep. Kinda frustrating.

Sanya Backpackers

Sanya, China

Amazing hostel!! So clean and well run. The location is excellent. So close to the beach ( just a 5 mins walk) and other facilities. And the staff are so helpful and friendly. Love this place!


Hostel is really close to the beach. It's too bad the beach is littered with garbage. The staff are awesome! Very friendly and helpful, even drove us to the taxi hub so we can get to our next destination. The private room has a huge bed. Really close to the airport.


Great hostel. Whenever we're in Shanghai we always stay here. Great atmosphere and clean.

Old Canton Youth Hostel

Guangzhou, China

Close to the metro. There was no sign so it was hard to find. Don't do your laundry here they charged me 20 yuan they didn't dry it and got it moldy. Not worth it. I also think that some of the dorm bed has bed bug. My legs were covered in bed bug bites the next morning. The toilet/shower combo didn't really bother me but the bed bugs sure did. I found the 8 bedroom room to be too crowded. Overall, wouldn't stay here again, but the staff are really nice.

Zhangjiajie Bajie Youth Hostel

Zhangjiajie, China

Hostel really quite. Not much going on in this hostel. Hard to meet people.

Seoul Hostel Center

Seoul, South Korea

Close to a subway. Wifi super fast. The place is always clean. Staff are friendly. Will stay here again!


It was Ok. The place feels like a hotel. There was one incident about booking tour that we did not like. We put a deposit for the tour to see the Great Wall for two people but last minute one of us got food poising sick and could not go in. They demanded that we pay the full amount even though only one of us went to see the Great Wall. It was annoying. The location is close to the Forbidden City and other tour spot but the subway is a about 30 minutes walk not 10 minutes like they claim