Reviews: Anonymous

Dina's Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

Dina's was a great experience. In terms of a great hostel, they got everything right. Its right in downtown, its VERY clean, the staff is friendly/helpful, and its cheap. I went during a tough time, in terms of the external environment, and they did everything they could ensure that I had a great experience in Cairo. They also arrange very affordable trips to see the various attractions outside the city.


Fantastic place in Harbin. The staff really make it more like visiting someone's home and less like a hostel. Very clean rooms/sheets/bathrooms, and great location right next to the train station and close to the cathedral. I'd venture to say best in Harbin.

Shenyang Sanpi Youth Hostel

Shenyang, China

Great place, staff is great. Not overly crowded when I was there, but a fun int'l group. No breakfast or coffee though :( Also, staff does not speak English, but there should be a guest or two who can if you really need it. But, overall, great great place.