Reviews: Anonymous

Sir Toby's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

This just might be the best hostel I've ever stayed in. Amazing rooms, friendly staff, pay when you leave, the whole f**king thing was just top notch.

St Christopher's Camden

London, England

Good pub, decent beds, very quiet. One of the better hostels in London.

Innis Inn & Campsite

St Austell, England

The beds were amazing, some of the best I've ever experienced in the hostel. Nothing else was particularly noteworthy though its being a couple miles from the Eden Project makes it an excellent location as country inns go.

Argyle Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Everything was more or less ok. Limited checkin is baffling in a hostel, but since I keep finding it in UK hostels it's not fair to complain too much. The real problem was that the hostel had no working heat that I could find, which was a really serious problem given that temperatures were near-freezing. Having to wear a coat at all times and scavenge extra blankets from unused beds is unforgivable. For staying in summer it's a decent choice (I imagine), but for winter steer clear.


Really great hostel all the way around. Very comfortable beds, extremely secure electronic key system, big lockers, good breakfast, nice staff. Really nothing to complain about except the fact that every lock in the place beeps when it's opened, meaning there's beeping all night.


Booze cruises should not run out of booze. Ever. Shouldn't happen.Also, we all know why it's 9 AM checkout, so don't kid yourselves into thinking that's a hidden racket. Improve the quality of the liquor and bartenders (especially the latter). That said, hella good fun all the way around.