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Casa Verde Limon

Valparaiso, Chile

The place was very cold. No heating in the rooms, 3000peso extra if you want it. The cleaning lady kept opening the windows all day as well. They also have a bunch of stupid rules, like if you want to stay during the day efter check-out, they will charge you for it. Otherwise a clean place, nice building.

Hostel Empedrado

Mendoza, Argentina

Perfect hostel. Free wine every day. Free, nice activities every day. Nice staff. Nice rooms, nice showers, nice breakfast. Nice common areas, nice patio and terrace.

Impecable Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

Very nice hostel. It's in a very old charming building, with high ceilings and hardwood floors. There weren't many other guests when we were there, so it felt like we were at home. Location is excellent too. The only problem would be that it's easy to go into someone elses dorm, and that I would like a little bigger breakfast.

HI Holandes

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Very happy to stay here. Great breakfast, nice showers. Great location, although not very central. Doesn't really matter as the distances are so small.

Dom Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

A nice stay. Clean, great breakfast, great showers, friendly staff. Location is quite close to the metro. Another good thing is that you're close to the airport, so a taxi won't be that expensive (100R for us).

Dom Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Very happy with my stay here. Great staff, good wifi. Nice breakfast, which did however run out a few times, and refilling took some time. Convenient with close location to the bus station and the airport, a 20 or so subway ride from downtown though.

PODs The Backpackers Home

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Upon arrival, we found a naked man sleeping in our room. We did get another room right away, quickly "cleaned" by the staff, who removed some tissues full of blood from the floor. Did not feel so clean. There were also bloodstains on the sheets. Would not come again. Also, the rooms are not really rooms, more like beds behind small walls (which don't go to the ceiling).

Borneo Backpackers

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

A clean and very secure hostel. Nice white sheets, good hot showers, and clean bathrooms and rooms. The only problem is the staff, and tye attitude of the management. First off, on your door there is a list of your "commitments" as a guest. They wont refill the toiletpaper unless asked to, and having the reception make a local call will cost extra - even though nobody answered. Staff is also extremely unhelpful and said "cant you do that yourself, I'm working", when I asked for help to book tour

Bunibon Lodge

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Nothing to complain about. Great service, nice, clean rooms with good aircon. Clean bathrooms,nice showers. Nice and quiet place to rest. Might not go here to party though.

VS Guesthouse

Tawau, Malaysia

Öwe stayed herr for one night as a transfer. Was really nice, clean beds and good aircon, friendly staff. Would come here again, though not for the atmosphere.

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Thanks for the comments,hope to see you again.

Red Tulip Hotel

Angeles, Philippines

Was OK. Convienient location, but lacked all character, and felt kind of dirty.

Feel At Home

Singapore, Singapore

We had a disastrous stay at this place. After two nights, we realized that they had bedbugs in the hostel. When we shoed the owner the bites, he advised us to see a doctor, talking of allergies and whatnot. When we showed him an actual bedbug we found, he kept saying that it was just a lonely one. Needless to say, we moved out of this place. Also the rooms are very small, the showers are really cold. Our AC was not working either, and dripped down on our beds...

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Sorry Sir, not accepted your review at all. The only reason of the bad review is that you booked with us for 4 nights and want to stay only for 2 nights because of your program moving to Malaysia & once we mentioned that it is not possible to refund the amount as per terms & conditions you threat to give a bad review and this is what you did. How showers could be cold if you switch on the heater :), I don't understand this. LIVE Bedbugs are not with us at all as because of pesticide control system. You should understand that the guests are coming from different countries, islands etc. and what they are bringing with them unknowingly; they don't know but we always make our area neat and clean. About AC yes, I accept that on 3rd night of yours it by chance start dripping at night but this is mechanical fault which was repaired next day. Sir, please just because of one small issue you should not do like this. Once you complained me, I have shown you the whole mattress and downside of its, and we together get nothing from there. Is this was a trick of yours to wash all of your clothes and stuff, sorry I think YES. Please don't do like this with some other people in future, this is very bad and not human. Regards!

Shanghai Koala Garden House

Shanghai, China

Lived in a double room with my gf, and though it was small, it was very comfortable. Showers and bathroom were great and superclean. Nice staff, nice building. A little to far from the metro station to be ideal. Also it is located in Hongkou, which is a bit off.

Ace Inn Shinjuku

Tokyo, Japan

Supercheap, nice staff. Very clean, nice location.

Cordial House Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great spot, nice clean rooms. Felt as if anyone could enter though. Will come back again!

International Guesthouse

Madrid, Spain

Perfect location. Staff was unhelpful, toilets didn't lock, showers were cold. No wifi. Quite a lot of sound came into our room from the bathrooms, was disturbing. Large rooms, however, and in general quite a quiet place, good if all you want to do is sleep. Considering the price (2€ for the first night) - I was happy. Don't go here alone and excpect to meet people though.

Hotel Europa Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Wifi included, perfect location, friendly staff. Not very nice looking room, but clean. Used what to much chlorine or some other heavily scented detergent, room smeeld of it. We were happy.

Palau Principe Umberto

Alghero, Italy

Excellent location. Lousy shower, and the extra 50 Euro for cleaning that was not optional was a surprise. Bed could be more comfortable, but all in all, a very good place to stay in the middle of the old town in alghero.