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Riva Hostel Pula

Pula, Croatia

Everything was fine. Nice rooftop terrace where you can chill out but closes at 11. Not all the toilets had locks and sometimes the common room couches were booked out. Did the job.

DIC Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Basically a big empty student residence. Not much going on, so not ideal if you're looking to meet other travellers. Despite that u just need a cheap bed then it does the job

Camping Fusina

Venice, Italy

Cheap and had it's own bar, shop, restaurant and cyber area. We booked a cabin which was nothing more than you would expect from a camp site. It is quite far out of the city so you need to catch two buses or a pricey ferry to get amongst the canals. Despite the contiki passengers the place wasn't the easiest for meeting other travellers.

Lullaby Hip Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Trendy hostel with friendly and very helpful staff. A little bit disappointed about the lack of activities organised by the hostel as we were hoping to meet other travellers to go out with. Ended up being a couple of quiet nights in Barcelona as a result. We were provided with a fan but aircon would have been a bonus.

  • 10th Aug 2013
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  • New Zealand
  • Mixed Group, 25-30
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Fabrizzios Terrace Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Friendly staff, laid-back environment and a nice terrace area. The atmosphere however can be very hit n miss - largely dependent on the other guests. We were hoping for a more lively setting to meet other travellers and explore the nightlife with, but it didn't really eventuate. The person organising the pub crawls wasn't around during our stay, something we discovered after we left. Everything else was all good.

Hostal Ibiza

Ibiza, Spain

Booked a double room and that's all it was. Good location in ibiza town but will need to take a cab to get to the clubs in the main area by the beach. We paid extra £5 for aircon that didn't even work.

Riad Chez Lea

Marrakech, Morocco

Based on the ratings, I was expecting a lot more. It is definitely doesn't deserve the rating it has.We couldn't find the hostel & had to pay for a guide.When we arrived, the staff just watched as the guide took 50dhms from my hand.The neighbor with 4 security cameras verbally abused us for touching his pot plant.There were none of the social activities described.Staff didn't say a word to us.Sheets were dirty.

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Dear Fraser, We are not going to pick up on everything here - firstly though - we apologise on behalf of this neighbour - that is not OK, though he does not work with us or have anything to do with the hostel. The thing which we find most bewildering is your accusation that staff did not speak to you throughout the duration of your stay. This is simply untrue. We spent time with you upon arrival as we do with every guest and you booked an activity through us which required communication and information - you even returned to us after the activity where we had tea and a chat. We, as a staff, do not like to impose ourselves upon our guests - we are friendly and unobtrusive - it is a shame that you mistook this as 'not saying a word'. All activities are described to all our guests upon arrival and you are more than welcome to request them at any time. Hope that clarifies things for our future guests and best wishes for future travels!


The hostel has a nice communal setup but the atmosphere didn't seem very lively - probably just Birmingham. Rooms were alright (nothing amazing). Staff were pleasant but not inspirational. All in all, good for the price we paid, especially if you just want to chill out in the common area.

Reykjavik Backpackers

Reykjavik, Iceland

No customer comment

Fethiye Guesthouse

Fethiye, Turkey

Great friendly Hostel. The guesthouse runs as part of travel company that also provides daily excursions or 4-day blues cruises. So if you are not sure what to do when you get there, don't worry, the staff will help you out - and really go out of their way to do so. Our only dissapointment was that the guesthouse wasn't the most social and can be a little quiet in the evenings.


Ios, Greece

One of the best hostels I have been to. Very well organised, heaps of fun and extrememly easy to meet others.

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Pretty standard large hostel with an incorporated bar etc. Nothing amazing, but nothing bad either.

Milan Hostel Emmy

Milan, Italy

Essentially a Guesthouse with beds being sold like a dorm. Most rooms held 3, and I ended up in a room with a couple sharing a double making my 2 nights a very akward situation. Moreover, the beds had bedbugs/mosquitos, there is no common area or kitchen, and there is only one toilet for about 15 people. This was probably the worst place I have stayed in 5 months of travelling. Despite that, if you are simply looking for a bed, the beds are very comfortable.


Nice enough hostel, but lacked any true place for people to hang out. People tended to stick to themselves. I found it boring, but I can't criticise the facilities. If your not there to party or meet people then I would probably reccommend it as a reasonable and quiet hostel.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

There are a bunch of hostels in the same vacinity that often do activities together. I enjoyed my time here and the staff were really helpful. The rooms were huge and the bathrooms were to a good standard. The common room does not allow you to bring food or drink in, so if your preparing for a night out, then you have to stick to the kitchen or your room.

Cinque Terre Holidays

Cinque Terre, Italy

The hostel was very disorganised. They didnt know who had checked in and who had left. The beds were ok, if you dont mind them squeaky. It was essentially a place to put your head at night, nothing more. I definately didn't get what I paid for.

PLUS Camping Roma

Rome, Italy

The only thing wrong with this campsite, is that its a half hour way from the city on the bus. IF you don't mind this, then definately reccommend staying here, young and old.

Old Town Hostel Split

Split, Croatia

Had a great time at this hostel. They took us out on our first night until the early hours of the morning and from then on Split felt like our second home. We orginally planned to stay 2 nights, but it ended up being 4. Great staff. Sophie was an awesome bonus to the atmosphere =) It was difficult to find as there was little signage, but the whole of Old town is like that. Chur Kiwi boys