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Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 25

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

I'm yet to find a really awesome and fairly cheap hostel in London. Had to pay a big deposit for nearly everything. I only stayed a few days and the room was fine. Pretty clean. Beds are uncomfortable though. Showers aren't great and were a bit scummy. 24 hour reception is handy. Atmosphere was a bit poor. People and staff would rather lounge around and watch soaps on the telly than talk to other travellers. Probably not the hostels fault. Wifi didn't work in the rooms. Overall my stay was ok.

Jetpak Alternative

Berlin, Germany

Loved this hostel! One of the best I've stayed in. GREAT showers. Staff were really helpful and friendly. Every morning they bake muffins! Great location. Really easy to meet other travellers and make daily or nightly plans with them. Shame the common room isn't open past midnight. Berlin is the greatest city in the world and I couldn't have been happier with the hostel... Too many Aussies though :P

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

The hostel is in a fairly good location. Free wifi throughout the hostel was EXCELLENT and super fast... I had to have a cold shower nearly every morning... Not sure a hostel with so many people should be running out of hot water... Overall a pleasant stay, really comfy and not a worry about my things as the security is really tight. OOH breakfast and checkout til 12 was a life saver!! Would definitely stay again.


London, England

Over all a great hostel... Really clean and comfortable with a great vibe... The showers are a bit annoying and the rooms are too stuffy and hot... They need a fan in them! The fact that there is no free wi-fi is a bit poor and even if you do pay for it, it doesn't work throughout the whole hostel... Staff are really helpful and friendly and it's in a convenient location about 10 minute walk away from nearest tube/trains.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is the worst hostel I've stayed in. I have, however, stayed in some really good hostels but they were cheaper. The christian aspect is quite full on so if you're not christian it might be a bit uncomfortable. There's no kitchen, common room or laundry and the rooms are small and squishy. The staff are great the free breakfast is wonderful and the location is perfect! It would be better if the internet was cheaper or free.


Berlin, Germany

The hostel was great! Close to the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn... one of the most comfiest beds i've ever stayed in! No real common room just some tables and chairs but if you're in Berlin there's so much to do that you don't want to be sitting around a common room anyway... the rooms are beautiful and really spacious... we did have a problem with an older lady in our room the only negative thing i could say about this hostel is that it didn't have an age restriction which it definitely should have!!

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

i LOVED hostelone... The staff were AMAZING! (especially Anthony and Kraig) really helpul partied with us every night... took us to some really cool places! The bedrooms were great... you get your own locker, kitchenette and ensuite... they're cleaned everyday... the hostel is just a 10-15 minute walk from the old town... i loved it at hostelone and want to go back as soon as possible... DEFINITELY stay here if you want to go to Prague!!


Vienna, Austria

Unfortunately I didn't like Vienna much, otherwise my stay was great! The apartment is really superb it feel like home! EVERYTHING IS FREE!!! It's really unbelievable... If I were to come to Vienna again I wouldn't think twice about staying anywhere else! Staff are very helpful and the place is really devine! Definitely reccommend if you are in Vienna!

Muffin Hostel

Salzburg, Austria

I had a great time at Muffin Hostel the staff were sooo friendly I'm definitely coming back!! I love Salzburg!! :D Also the rooms were great, comfortable beds and an ensuite :) definitely recommend if you're staying in Salzburg! I wouldn't go anywhere else!


I met some true friends for life in Nam De Mun... Made Paris so much more enjoyable for me... Couldn't say a bad thing about Nam De Mun... Except it's kind of in the ghetto so walking alone by yourself at night is not ideal... Otherwise BIG THUMBS UP for Nam De Mun... I will stay there again :D... Also the Korean food is delicious and the staff are SO friendly


London, England

Chatsworth road was in a great spot really close to the tube station... Unfortunately the tube was closed on the weekend i was there... also for some reason the toilets weren't cleaned on the weekend... not a big deal except there was no toilet paper... Was lucky to meet some really lovely people there so i had a good time :)