Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Age: 29

Casa Nativa Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

Love the curtians on the beds. This was an awesome concept. I have never seen this before but more hostels should adopt this.

La Brisa Loca

Santa Marta, Colombia

Great place. Easy to meet other people. Only thing i did not like was the dorm doors can be locked from the outside causing tye people in the rooms to be locked in. Also no hot water.


Good hostel. Not to far of a walk to the beach. Great rooms. nice staff. the way the common area is setup it is easy to meet other people for solo travelers.


Best Breakfast in South America. It was a real breakfast with egg, bacon, pancakes, frenchtoast. You have to pay extra for it but it is worth it. This is a big hostel but I had no problem getting a good nights sleep. The beds were very comfortablem.


Good hostel. The owner is very nice and let me crash on the couch for a few hoiurs when i arrived at 5:30am.


Very Friendly Staff. Big TV. Lots of tours offered at the hostel.

Arica Unite

Arica, Chile

Good hostel and nice staff.

Hostel in Salta

Salta, Argentina

Good hostel. Not a party hostel but i still had a fairly easy time lmeeting people, which is an important thing for a solo traveler. Nice common area.

Mendoza Backpackers

Mendoza, Argentina

From a solo travelers point of view this is a great hostel. very easy to meet people and great staff!

Delirio Hostel

Vina del Mar, Chile

great hostel and wonderful staff. This hostel makes you feel like family It is great for solo travelers looking to meet new people. Lots of events and nice common area.

Sevilla Hostel One Centro

Seville, Spain

I was a solo traveler and I felt this was a pretty good set up for meeting people. The Pub Crawl is a must I had a great time. As for the Tapas tour it was high in price and is not really a tour, he just takes you to one resturant and explains all the tapas there. However, I will say that resturant the guide brings you to is the best food I had in Spain


Good Hostel I enjoyed my stay. Just don't do the Tanger day "tour". It is not a tour. It is a tourist trap, they just take you from overpriced tourist shop to overpriced tourist shop.

Makuto Backpackers Hostel

Granada, Spain

This was the best hostel I have every stayed at ever!. The staff was super friendly and helpful, They trully wanted you to have a great time. THIS IS A GREAT PLACE FOR SOLO TRAVELERS. Very easy to meet people, great hangout spots, excellent community. I stayed a extra day because I liked the hostel so much. STAY HERE.

Residencia Damia Bonet

Valencia, Spain

This was not a hostel. This is a dorm at the University. If you are just looking for a cheap place to stay without being able to meet people this is a great place. a walk to the beach, near by resturants, a workout room, safe, and clean. But if you are a solo traveler looking to meet people don't stay here.

Hacienda Guaraguao

Luquillo, Puerto Rico

I had a great time! Don and Annie are super cool. This hostel is in the middle of the rainforest so if you enjoy being off the grid you will love it!

Andes Hostel

Santiago, Chile

I, had a great time. And the Halloween party was awesome!