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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 68

Maverick Hostel & Ensuites

Budapest, Hungary

Great hostel. I've stayed in hostels in many countries, and I felt more at home in this one than in almost any other. I'm still not sure why the downstairs is dedicated to "The Big Labowski," but why not. Here's to the dude and friends. Thank you for your hospitality, Maverick -- and particular thanks to Edina and Esther for their friendliness and helpfulness. Dr. David Jenkins Plovdi University


Varna, Bulgaria

The hostel is located nexxt to a pleasant park in the city center. Staff members were helpful and polite. The breakfast included in the price of the room is also more than satisfactory. I enjoyed my stay and highly recommend the hostel to anyone visiting Varna. Thanks, Yo Ho, and until next time -- do skoro!

City Hostel

Kaunas, Lithuania

The hostel is new and in the center of beautiful Kaunas. The owner, Evgenii, and his assistant Arunya are both very helpful and friendly. It was a pleasure to stay at their hostel and see Kaunas again -- where I lived from 1997 to 2000.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

No customer comment

Frolic Goats Hostel

Poznan, Poland

The location is good and the front room/sitting room/eating room weas pleasnat. But I'm still recovering from whatever bit me in the bed

Hostel Nina

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Our hosts, Nina and Ishkar, were most helpful, and even offered us a free dring at Ishkar's cafe overlooking the old bridge, from where he used to dive 25 meters into the river below, as did his father before him.

Begovic Boarding House

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The boarding house is in a family residence up a very steep side street overlooking the harbor. The family takes care of the place and is very friendly and helpful -- especially Tea. There are three apartments in the part of the house where we stayed, each with its own bathroom facilities. The kitchen is shared. Staying at the boarding house was like moving into the neighborhood for a couple of days. There was a table and chairs outside under an arborfor an afternoon or evening bite or chat.