Reviews: RobMochileira

Location: Brazil, Gender: Female, Age: 34

Hostel Marraial

Arraial da Ajuda, Brazil

O hostel está ok pra uma noite ou duas e pelo valor, mas procuraria outro lugar se fosse pra ficar mais. É limpo e as camas sao confortáveis, mas nao tem café da manha nem área pra socializacao a nao ser o dormitório.


Very close to the train station and all the tour agencies. The beds are comfortable and clean and the dorm is warm. The bathroom was ok too with hot water. Breakfast is ok, but average. Staff was really helpfull all the time.

Mendoza Inn

Mendoza, Argentina

Location is great. It's in an fancy neighborhood in town very close to the park. The bathroom in the female dorm definitely needs an upgrate and also the staff that were a bit moody and used to smoke inside in the common area. Breakfast was good but never on time. The guides on their tours were awesome and the High Mountain tour to Aconcagua tour is really worth it!

Aji Hostel

Santiago, Chile

The staff was the best thing in this hostel. There were not hot water for 2 days when i stayed there and the owner seemed not to care although the staff had contacted him right away we complained about the problem. The beds in the female dorm are ok but the sheets and pillow were a bit disgusting. Breakfast was good but average and the free dinner was definitely a plus. Great location too.

Hostel Sao Jorge

Bonito, Brazil

This is definitely the best place to stay in Bonito!!! Great location, great breakfast, great price and the staff is awesome!!! Felipe and Stacey helped me with my tours and they did everything to make me and my friends feel very comfortable there!!! Everybody in this hostel was so sympathetic with us!!! I loved it!!!

Southern Comfort

Cusco, Peru

Great hostel and great staff!!! Very clean and organized!!! Good breakfast too!!! The only thing i'd like to suggest is to put lockers on the dorms!

Hostal Chaska Wasi

Ollantaytambo, Peru

The kid on the reception said there was hot water only until 8am, so i woke up at 6am to take shower and guess what??? NO hot water all morning!!! The dorm was ok, but the rest of the place looked a little dirty to me and there was no lockers in the dorms either...

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

Great hostel and great staff!!! A wonderful breakfast at 4:30am, so i could get to Machu Picchu pretty early!!! The only thing uncomfortable for me was the fact that there was no door in the bathroom, so you have to change inside the showers, which are wet most of the times, or to shower while someone else is by your side... But i recommend this hostel anyway!

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

I really had a great time staying at Kabul! Great location, helpful staff, big lockers in dorms and elevator, which helps a lot if you have big luggage like i had! I recommend this hostel for sure if you´re looking for fun and wanna meet new people!

M&J Hostel

Rome, Italy

Awful! Small and dirty bathrooms and no lockers in dorms! Lots of stairs with no elevator either! No helpful staff and expensive wifi! I don´t recommend this hostel to anyone!


Great location just a few minutes walk from the station! Very friendly and helpful stuff! Big lockers in dorms and elevator and the free pasta were very helpful too! I recommend this hostel and i would stay there again for sure!