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The Student Hotel Amsterdam West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Very very nice place. Like the Hilton for college kids. Very modern. Nice bar with food. Probably not the easiest place to meet new people but it is more on the hotel side. TV didn't work but super good wifi, which is more important. Be aware of the location.

Stayokay Utrecht - Bunnik

Utrecht, Netherlands

Not a typical hostel. More of a camping/retreat place. Quite a few families etc. Good value, way out of town but if you need a break it's a good spot to relax. Just rent a bicycle and you'll be in town in 5 minutes. Bad wifi, doesn't reach rooms.

King Kong Hostel Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

One of the top 5 hostels I've been to. Great staff, 3 common rooms and a patio. If there's no 'atmosphere' it's not the hostels fault the other guests weren't talkative. Good breakfast, great facilities. Nice safe spot to park my bicycle.

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Dear Caleb, Thank you very much for this amazing compliment! We love how you say "It's not the hostels fault", so protective of you :) King Kong is this big scary gorilla, but is also very very protective, so we happy to find this connection with you there. To sum up- we will look forward to welcoming you back some day! Warm Regards, King Kong Crew

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Location is the best part. Outside of the canal ring in a quiet part of town. More of a hotel than a hostel, no common rooms. Not a great layout, 1 bathroom for an 8 bed dorm and no common bathroom. It's not great but it works fine.

Gongkaew Chiangmai Home

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nice quiet garden hostel. Clean, good shower, good location. The wifi was a bit lacking but thats all. We stayed both here and the green tulip and that was more of an outgoing place and this is more of a relaxing place which was nice on the way home.


Everything was a bit disheveled and it took us an hour or so to check in. The walls here were amazingly thing, I'd say this is the noisiest hostel I've ever stayed in. Up until midnight you can hear the circus school music and Chinese karaoke from a local hotel, and at 3am our neighbors came home and woke us up by just talking casually. We could see through the walls into other rooms as they were just boards nailed up with holes in them. Very dusty with plenty of spiders. We left a night early.

Green Tulip House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Classic hostel. This is what I hope to find when I travel. Nice and clean but still affordable, really fun outgoing atmosphere in the main room where you can make easy friends. If you want to find stuff to do in or around chiang mai this is your place.

Bada Bing Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Great location, nice place although it was under construction. Breakfast was disappointing, just cereal. Showers are either scalding or freezing.

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Thanks for your constructive comments. You are right at the time of your staying there were some painting jobs but now they are all finished and we will update our pictures soon. You can be sure that it will be so different when you stay next time. Looking to see you again at our House. Take care.


Location, security, facilities are fine. Rooms are nice, except bathrooms are a bit odd. But there is a eerily quiet, akward atmosphere about the place. For two days I only saw a couple people and no one really communicated. Breakfast is just ok.

Second Home Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Nice people, good breakfast, rooms are fine, amazing location.

511 Lima Hostel

Lima, Peru

Very nice hostel. It borders on a hotel but still has bunks and a common area and a decent kitchen and breakfast etc… If you need a nice break in the middle of your trip from average hostels this is a good place to stay, especially since its in Miraflores, and its only a block from the ocean. Friendly staff and overall nice place.

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Many thanks!

Sumac Chaska Hostel

Ollantaytambo, Peru

No customer comment

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Mixed feelings about Pariwana. Amazing facilities and amenities for a great price in great location. But I feel like it goes to far, its practically a hotel/resort. Do you really want to fly into the heart of the Inca empire and hear Bon Jovi and Guns-n-Roses on repeat ? If you can deal with that then the hot showers are probably worth it.

Colombian Home Hostel

Cali, Colombia

The place itself was good, typical hostel, but the owner Mauricio is awesome and really makes the whole thing worth it. He can point you to all the good things including salsa classes. Cali in itself is a fun place to stay and this hostel is in a nice area a few blocks away from a main street and about two blocks away from a grocery store. Relaxed and fun atmosphere in a community neighborhood so it doesn't feel like a busy city. Definitely worth a look.

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thanks friends always work to be AWESOME :) is really fantastic to know our culture Hope to see you again for Colombia and in our great city CALI - Mauricio

Residência Pedra Antiga

Porto, Portugal

Amazing place, but definitly not a party hostel. Stayed in both rooms and some separate appartment style rooms, those were quiet and perfect. Fridge, tv, kitchen etc... but thats only in the seperate appts.