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Check Inn HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Great hostel! Would definitely stay again!

Happy Snail Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

Great hostel! A little bit farther away, but the price is right. Not bad at all if you don't mind waiting 5 minutes for a bus or walking 10 minutes to the metro. Staff is SO friendly. Free toast, PB, jam, nutella whenever you want. Clean place. AC. Thank you!!

Havet House

Krabi Ao Nang, Thailand

Aunya was incredibly nice and helpful. So warm and welcoming which we certainly appreciated! The hostel is a bit far from the beach, but nothing a nice walk or a cheap (60 baht) tuk tuk ride can't handle. Bathrooms could have been a little cleaner, but this is a common comment on SE Asia more generally. Just bring some shower shoes and you'll be in the clear! Great food at the restaurant too!

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Thanks for your comments. Noted on your comments on cleanliness of the bathrooms, we will work on it. In addition we will definitely look into improving the bathroom facilities when we have the chance, most likely during low season. We are still new, plenty of rooms for improvement. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Khaosan Immjai

Bangkok, Thailand

Good location, clean hostel. Nothing too special, but a nice place to stay.

Roots and Boots Hostel

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Staff was incredibly nice at this hostel. I got sick and they took care of me. Nice outdoor area and great kitchen. Would stay here again!

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

OK, so this is DEFINITELY a party hostel! Lots of fun if that is what you are looking for. It wasn't really what I was looking for, but with a good pair of ear plugs, a relaxed attitude, and an ability to sleep through 3am drunk folks stumbling in, you can still have a good time! I'm giving this a 'poor' for atmosphere, because it is super lame that they kick you out. Maybe they could figure out a way of not doing this in the middle of the day. I understand it is to clean, but still...


Although Tiber is definitely a trek from Rome, it is also amazingly affordable and a great place! If you have a lot of time in Rome and want a break from the cities on your travels, check it out. Great pool, good facilities, etc. Nice to walk around and hang out reading your book under the trees, etc. Things to improve: lockers in the rooms, some more atmosphere in the rooms, a kitchen for guests.

Hotel Giovannina

Venice, Italy

Pretty average. Kinda dirty (questionable mold?) but would stay again because it is a good value and good location. Improvements needed- lockers in the shared rooms., hooks in the bathrooms.

Big Fish Budapest Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Like a home away from home. Fun staff, very clean, comfy beds, LOTS of cool character. Many planned activities (partying if you want, but you can just hang out if you don't want). No free breakfast, but the kitchen is great- just buy a couple things and make it. Nice location too- a tram right outside and the metro not too far away. Budapest is pretty walkable too. Really nice dorms with your own light, HUGE lockers. One of the best hostels I've ever been to! Book and don't regret!

Hostel Zeus

Athens, Greece

Ok, so I'm giving this a poor rating overall because that is what it is: a dive hostel. Not much character (the murals are nice) but otherwise there is no common room and you are not going to meet other travelers really unless they are in your room. The hostel was dirty too. But not excessively so. Facilities? None. Security was poor: no lockers, and they don't lock the luggage storage (open to all). That being said, it was only 8 euros a night when I went. SO cheap. So if you're easy, stay here

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sorry you were disappointed Zeus rooftop common area was under construction and will be open any day now. As said in the review 8 euro a night, Zeus is a hostel for the budget traveler, other hostels offer more facilities but cost more. 20 euro plus We offer cheap central location and believe were are value for money


Santorini, Greece

Would definitely recommend! Had an awesome stay. Probably one of the best hostels I've ever been to. Friendly staff (personally showed us around the Fira), amazing rooms and facilities- seriously. Caves were nice and cool despite the heat outside. Location was good- a little removed from Fira town which I preferred because it meant it was less expensive and you got to explore other parts of the island. about a 20 minute easy walk from Fira. Good value for your money!

Route 39

Istanbul, Turkey

Wouldnt stay again. Not very organized. Staff went into a long term guests room and moved everything of hers around entirely throwing everything haphazardly around. Didn't ask or even notify the girl. Didn't get the sense that they respected their guests or really cared if they had a good time. Was cheap though so I guess you get what you pay for. Really good breakfast though and the staff members were nice. OK location in between metro and tram line. Would not recommend to a friend


Although a little expensive (though I guess not for Vancouver), had good facilities, comfy beds. Small lockers couldn't fit a a backpacking backpack. Friendly staff though and good included service. Yummy breakfast! Thank you!

PataPata Hostel

Valparaiso, Chile

Great hostel- friendly staff, free pub crawl, really bohemian and situated on a beautiful hill! Had a lovely stay- thank you!

Damajuana Hostel

Mendoza, Argentina

I would never stay here again. Worst hostel I have ever been to for a multitude of reasons: overpriced, hostel staff accosts you if you do not book their packages, VERY dirty, lying reception, water was off 1/2 the time. Pool covered in slime. The maid was nice but the rest of the staff pushed over-priced and shoddy activities on guests. Would not recommend this hostel to anyone. Stay somewhere else and maybe the management will improve the service and cleanliness.

The Hostel-Inn Iguazu Falls

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Good well priced place. Our room had a heater so we were OK but those that didnĀ“t had some cold nights. Also, there were bugs in my bed! I got bitten and had to go to the hospital in Brazil due to an alergic reaction... definitely bring bug spray