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The Ritz by Hostel Inn

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Definitely the best value for money that I could find in VEga. Just 12 minutes from the Strip. If you need a taxi from BEllagio it will cost you USD12 at night. Excellent if you are in the city to enjoy the shows and clubs and dont want to expend a fortune staying in resorts.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

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Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

Generally the hostel is good, but if you consider the price comparing to others hostels in Europe, you ill feel that it´s not worth, but thinking about general prices in Denmark.. maybe it´s the only choice. The staff misses what I call "good sense". I was about to take my breakfast exactely at 10:00am when they started to take off the food from the the table. Ok, breakfast time lasts from 8:00 to 10:00 but they did not let me take any bread, although I have already paid for the ticket... If you are