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Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 30

Pura Vida MINI Hostel - Tamarindo

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Hostel with good vibes and nice commom area. At front desk we met Rebeca, always with a smile on her face and very helpful! And the most cute and sociable cat, Simba! Room (private) was fine, though pretty hot (we used the fan the whole night). There was a promise of hot water in showers, as usual in Costa Rica there was none. Day was so hot that cold shower was just what I needed,


Very well located. Huge and souless... Kinda hard to interact with other people.

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Very well organized, thinking of a solution for all needs from guests. I've been told about Loki to be as good and cheaper. But definitely recommend the stay at Pariwana!

Tayka Hostel

Puno, Peru

It's a hotel facility with sharing rooms. Everyone from Tayka is very gentle and it's family run like.


Big, solid and confort bunk beds. Great bar with a patio next to it. Everyday new activities. Perhaps the best hostel I've ever been.


I did not like all extra fees besides the daily rate (false impression to be cheaper). I did not like paying four dollars to keep bags at janitor's room. It's not a party hostel - staff tries but the place is structured as a regular hotel, it feels too impersonal. I did like how clean it was, sheets were fine, location suitable and neighborhood ok. Next time I'll look for another place in NYC. PS. Many brazilians staying and one at staff.

Aji Hostel

Santiago, Chile

It changed the name to AJI HOSTEL. I liked the location and the street. Dinner it's good and enough (not too much, not too little) - great moment get to know other guests.

Koten-Aike Hostel

Puerto Natales, Chile

The hostel looks like all other houses on the block - which means it's a very simple and with some improvised materials - that's the 'character' of the place. And it is what I most liked: a family takes care of the hostel and they treated me like family too! Important to say it's one of the most clean hostels I've been.

I Keu Ken Hostel

El Calafate, Argentina

1. I loved an e-mail from hostel after I booked offering assistence to plan the trip 2. Amazing atmosphere - although most mingled by cooking, which I can't do 3. Computers are sadly slow, the most fast have 400mb of ram memory ( ! ) 4. They don't have bycicles there anymore, were stollen 5. Staff is very good, although some could realize that spanish is not most mother tongue and speak a bit slowly. I really liked how the spaces are used, giving a 'cozy feeling' to the place.

Hostel Cat

Las Vegas, USA

Very good staff and there's always fun activities. It's between the Strip and Fremont, but the hostel area there's no much there.

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

Great staff, nice living room and kitchen.