Reviews: Anonymous

Camera Ljubica

Medjugorje, Bosnia And Herzegovina

the owners are nice and will go out of there way to get you what you need. The location is about a 15 minute walk from the church, which is the only downside to it.

Costa Rica Guesthouse

San Jose, Costa Rica

good location, only 5 min walk to downtown and to museums. only problem is the train that goes through. it is so loud at night.

Hotel Cantabria

Guatemala City, Guatemala

A very nice B&B and the owner is very helpful. The area is fairly safe and the building is secure, but the city in general is not safe. The owner does not speak english so communicating was difficult, but she was helpful nonetheless. A charming home with real nice furnishings.


had no heat in my room and it was freezing. tried to tell the staff - but the one on night duty said "no speak english" - all the other staff were able to speak fine. in the morning I told the receptionist i had no heat- she just argued with me and said of course you have heat.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

a new hostel and it was very clean and fresh. The staff were helpful and very friendly. Highyl recommend it.