Reviews: SakuraGaSaku

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 27

HI San Diego - Point Loma

San Diego, USA

Great hostel. We stayed in a private room and it had four outlets--enough to charge everything while on our trip!

HI San Diego - Point Loma

San Diego, USA

Amazing hostel with great staff and fantastic facilities. The neighborhood seemed very safe, albeit a bit far from most of the places I went to while in San Diego. The atmosphere was laid-back and everyone was very friendly. I especially appreciate that the staff were able to help me in renting a bike for the week from a reliable company. Also, free pancake breakfast is the best idea ever.


I was only here overnight so I could catch a flight from LGA in the morning. The place seemed alright, although I can't really comment much on the atmosphere. The building seemed sort of run down, and the lounge/hangout area was actually in a separate building across the street, which struck me as odd. I also felt like it was a bit expensive, but that wasn't the hostel's fault; NYC just charges exorbitant hotel taxes because they know tourists will come anyway.

Fortaleza Guest House

San Juan, Puerto Rico

I stayed one night. Some rooms have air conditioning, and in these rooms people tend to run it quite a bit, meaning you could have a VERY cold night (I did) - talk with your roommates about this. Cons: bathrooms were a bit messy, not much communal space to hang out with people Pros: Lockers in room come with locks and you can also use your own, AMAZING staff (Dianna is fantastically sweet, helpful, and caring), great location, a lot of the rooms have cute balconies overlooking the street.

Posada San Francisco

San Juan, Puerto Rico

This place is wonderful, so stay here if it's available! - Cons: None that I can think of - Pros: Beautiful and open communal space with kitchen and balcony, clean rooms, decent wi-fi, located close to Castillo San Cristobal - But, as a quick warning, don't leave things to dry on the windowsills inside the building unless you don't mind the possibility of losing it. It was difficult to get my towel back when it fell down to the indoor courtyard.

Rooftop Travellers Lodge

Sydney, Australia

Not bad for the price. Definitely cheap, but the rooms are still pretty clean. As a word of warning, though, the free internet they advertise is not wireless, but a single cable per room, so you'll have to take turns with all of your roommates.

Sydney Harbour YHA

Sydney, Australia

A nearly flawless hostel, and about as amazing as they come! It feels almost like a hotel with a common kitchen (so it's even better than a hotel). The staff are friendly and you can book tons of tours through them. The only thing that's a bit annoying is the wireless connection was not very great on my laptop, but that might be more of Global Gossip's fault than the hostel's.

Base Brisbane - Embassy

Brisbane, Australia

A professional, clean hostel. As a note, the "dollar" coupons they give you when you check in can be used for any beverage at the Zi Bar, not just alcohol.

The Witchs Hat Inactive

Perth, Australia

As this was my first hostel stay ever, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Everyone at the hostel was very nice, and even those who had stayed a long time sought to include me in their activities. The dorm rooms do not have locks on them, which was a bit unsettling to me (I don't know if this is a norm for hostels), but you could use a locker (BYO lock or buy one for $5) and I didn't have any problems while there. The kitchen is also well stocked and quite clean. I will agree that the hostel is a littl