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YMCA Hostel

Auckland, New Zealand

Typical of any really large hostel in a city. Does the job, wouldn't go if you were wanting to meet new people though.

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Dear guest, Thank you for your feedback. Our guests come from all over the world, just in a quick research, at the moment we have 20 different nationalities staying with us, therefore, we are indeed a great place to meet people, however, we are sorry it was not your experience, please let us know next time and we will be able to engage you to the group of travellers you are after. Kind regards, Andre Vidoto. Centre Manager

Hostel Cosmopolitan

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

very clean very friendly staff out of the way of everything except the amazing chow kit markets

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hi there, Thank you for your generous review. We do keep the place as clean as possible. Getting around everywhere is so easily within reach with the Monorail station just around the corner. Getting the shuttle bus to the KLIA (airport) at KL Sentral is also a breeze using the Monorail.

Yellow Submarine Backpackers

Brisbane, Australia

staff were lovely. female dorm and bathrooms were great - clean and good set-out. kitchen is not great (very small, busy, not too clean and not all stove tops working) and hostel is loud because near train station.

Kiwi Basecamp

Christchurch, New Zealand

free towels :). breakfast is just bread, but the bread is home-made and very yummy. staff are lovely. great hostel :) :) :)

Hostel de Passage

Bruges, Belgium

should be given keys to lock the dorm doors - absolutely anyone could just walk in. first floor shower needs a curtain coz my stuff hung up and on floor just got soaked. very short bunkbed for such a high-ceiling room, couldn't sit up at all on bottom bunk, made the room feel dark and half the size. but pretty clean and otherwise ok.


dont understand why the cleaners take people's things off their bed, leave them in a random place and then change your sheets everyday. so when you get in at midnight and everyone's asleep you either have to wake everyone up trying to make your bed up or just sleep without sheets. a bit weird. waste of time, money and bad for environment. mentioned to guy on desk but he was snotty with me. "i work here so i know how things work best". sure you do... otherwise a good room and no complaints.

Chili Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

ok overall, i came home at gone midnight to find my bed had been stripped though and my stuff off the bed moved by cleaner. weird. i couldnt exactly wake everyone up by climbing up the bunk and trying to make the bed in the dark so slept with it unmade :( had to hunt around using my

Dubrovnik Villa Valjalo

Dubrovnik, Croatia

is not close to the post office when you get off the bus, its still an uphill walk of about 10-15 mins. its not too obvious what to do when you get there either, i wandered around for 10 mins at the right address looking for signs of life. the location is ok, close to restaurants and a beach but not the main bit. absolutely no security (open door 24.7 and no lockers) and very few facilities but ok for a night or two. a bit of a weird room too just filled with matresses but comfy enough.

Montenegro Hostel

Kotor, Montenegro

bathroom door needs better lock - could easily be opened with a hard push while ur in shower or on the loo... place was under staffed when i arrived mid-day, and bit of a queue to use bathroom but otherwise good. oh and lockers a bit tiny but big enough for phone/wallet/passport. 5 euros to leave your bag there for a bit after check out, what a total rip off. excellent location.

Belgrade Centre Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

found it very quiet with not too many people about as it's quite small. very friendly staff. free internet. nice bathroom

Naples Pizza Hostel

Naples, Italy

very friendly staff and nice free breakfast. a bit tricky to find, i wouldnt advise looking for it alone at night get a taxi instead

Ostello Tramonti

Cinque Terre, Italy

have to get a bus to cinque terre but isnt too bad if youre there for a short time, a bit of a pain to do for days on end. bit of a naff breakfast (excluded in price) but otherwise good. nice guy at desk.

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

very modern, great view from top, nicest hostel I've stayed in

Equity Point Gothic

Barcelona, Spain

good free bar crawl. lots of people, easy to socialise and quite interesting rooms with talllllll bunk beds. good size lockers. no complaints