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Smart Hyde Park View Hostel

London, England

Good location, nice staff, but the atmosphere was lacking. I think it's from the general configuration of the building since it looked like a converted hotel. A nice feature was having the keycard-activated lockers right below the bed, but there is no luggage hold so be prepared to take out your valuables and use the lockers!

St Christopher's Camden

London, England

This was your typical mass-lodging type hostel. The bar was very loud, especially in the basement, but I did not hear it once I got to the rooms. The staff were kind of unorganized as they doubled as bartenders so it was hard to figure anything out. For the price and location, however, not a bad deal.

Hatters on Newton Street

Manchester, England

Good hostel but a tad noisy since its right next to the street, although it's understandable since the place is in the middle of the city.

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We are right there, in the heart of the city where absolutely everything happens!! Thank you for staying with us!! Come back soon!!

Hotel Orangers

Nice, France

Good overall facilities and management but the atmosphere is kind of lacking.

Hilltop Hostel

Washington DC, USA

The place feels more like a drug-dealing ring than a hostel. It's next to the Takoma station which is nice, but definitely re-consider before booking. The guy running the place was very helpful but other than that avoid if at all possible!

Old City Philly House

Philadelphia, USA

This place was the opposite of what most hostels are. The guests were good but the staff were exceedingly immature. They were drinking and partying late and playing instruments obnoxiously for several hours on end. To add to all of this, the manager kept making passes at the girls in the house and uncomfortably tried to snuggle with them. It's a shame because the location is good and the guests were fine but the staff really ruined the whole experience. I would not recommend this place!