Location: Brazil, Gender: Female, Age: 36

Travellers House

Lisbon, Portugal

Pretty lovely hostel. Ezverythink well thinked. If you stay in Lisbon, do not need to choose.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Girls from the staff were excellent, nice rooms, warm feel in common areas, free pasta and coffee, no complain at all. Really recomend. If you going to Amsterdam, which is the attraction itself... Love Amsterdam Beer and everything inside! We dont need more. Enjoy!

KiezBude Hostel

Hamburg, Germany

Nice hotel, kitsch interesting decoration, the owner was nice but a little bit eager. I thought the building is halted of something. The location is perfect: in the middle of St Pauli District. Really impressed about Hamburg... excellent touristic place, great city.

Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Nice social hostel really recomend the private rooms. The fridge must be cleaned sometimes... I made myself some cleaning of fungi from inside. Good localization in Kreuzberg district.

GreenHouse Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

Unfortunatelly we were with transport extraordinary problems. A little bit far from the beach, but a real hostel with a good bar, common area and lot of different people from the world. Staff is excellent, thank you, I would recommend.

Lagoa Hostel

Florianopolis, Brazil

Good location, staff is nice. Hilights to the thay cooker, very good. The private room was expensive though.

Pousada Villa Atlantica

Balneario Camboriu, Brazil

Very nice small hotel with a plenty breakfast.

Ambar Pousada e Hostel

Salvador, Brazil

Very nice pousada, with very good and attentive people inside. Good base to go to any interesting place in Salvador. I recommend a lot. Marvelous breakfast.

Pousada Pura Vida

Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

I enjoyed the hostel for the purpose, but, they do not have any security. My room stayed opened all the first day without my information... the common area is poor and the rooms are a little bit moldy, but the cleaning were made everyday. I considered a good 20 years old argentinian wellcome hostel style.

Hostel Galeria 13

Salvador, Brazil

Unfortunatelly they booked twice and I arrived after. The owner got a stay in a hotel (more confortable), but the bad impression did not gone. Before to book this hostel, confirm by phone. It never happened to us... imagine arriving very tired from a long trip from airport to Pelourinho... finally get there and the people: we book twice and you arrived after. No excuses to that. Sorry.

Owner Comment (Hide)
This was our first ever overbooking,we are very popular and control the booking system very carefully it was our goal never to have this problem,many other hostels seem to have it on a regular basis.We slipped up.mistakes happen ,things break life throws things at us but i believe strongly that ts the reaction to the problem and the way its resolved that should be studied and reviewed on.If we dont show any concern then give us a bad review but within 10 minutes of the guest arriving we had called a far more expensive pousada and got the customer moved.It all took 20 minutes,the guest was willing to take a dorm room(which we had) but we insisted in paying for a double so she would have the room she booked. This i think shows care on our part.Its obvious that she could be upset but this guest does not seem to have taken into account all the efforts we then took to try and smooth the error. A question how can she know the pousada R$180 was more comfortable than the r$115 room in the hostel , she did not sleep with us ,is because of the price???

City Centre Budget Hotel

Melbourne, Australia

City Centre is not a hostel, but a simple hotel with a good terrace and a kitchen. I enjoyed to stay a lot, because It was the end of my trip in Australia, and I felt really tired. I recomend to backpackers whose need some rest of shared rooms in Melbourne. very good location, near Federal Square, chinese district, in the middle of CDB. Near yuppie good bars and pubs.

Space Hotel

Melbourne, Australia

Good and complete hostel, with gym place, a good beds and a large locker. Very big place with an average kitchen, just an observation about the cleanliness of the blankets. Is there an hour that It has to be washed in the life. The air conditioning, too strong, do not have the opportunity to open the window what turns the room cold and claustrophobic.

Apollo Bay Eco YHA

Apollo Bay, Australia

Another hostel wich do not provide included breakfast, with a good ambient eco oriented. There are problems in Apollo Bay with the touristic orientation, they do not provide transport to Twelve Apostles from Apollo Bay, what I thought disappointing (but is not the problem of the hostel). My sensation about the staff is normal behavior to unlikeable, but is a beautiful and clean place. The terrace is great.

Sydney Harbour YHA

Sydney, Australia

Besides the large size of the hostel is a clean and well located place. Unfortunately lately some hostels do not provide anymore included breakfast what I think basic, but I thought a very organized and confortable. The air conditioning in my room was not working and the staff did nothing about it, saying that It was working despite the customers complain.

The Nunnery

Melbourne, Australia

Its a good homelike hostel, better than that ones that I stayed in Melbourne, I recommend, they provide breakfast. Unfortunately inside my room they dont provided lockers for all beds.