Reviews: Anonymous

Sagar Guest House

Varanasi, India

Very nice place, friendly owners, helped me a lot. clean and nice.

Levanten Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great hostel. Very friendly staff. When it was full they helped me to find a new place nearby.

Ori Beli

Tbilisi, Georgia

Very cute hostel in a good place on Rostevily Avenue and the opera. The 3 girls that own and run it are little angels. First day, I took the more expensive room and in the second one I took the cheaper one without bathroom. I prefer the cheaper room (40 Lari) because there's an amazing balcony.


Catania, Italy

one of the best hostels i visited. full of love. you can feel it's not only a business. i planed to stay 1 day in catania and stayed 3 just to relax in the hostel. the owner is very nice person and the room is beautiful. very quiet and clean. the price is also real ok.