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They overbooked and messed up our room. They let us just stay in a larger room for half our stay, so that was OK, but then we had to move back into the original size room we paid for. I didn't mind getting what we paid for, but having to switch rooms during the middle of our stay, having to pack up all our things and then leave our luggage in the lobby while they were cleaning our new room was kind of annoying. Not a huge deal, especially since that's the only complaint. Very very clean hostel.

Dundee Backpackers Hostel

Dundee, Scotland

One shower had no hot water, another had only boiling hot water and a clogged drain (water all over the floor), and another, the shower head was broken. So never got a real shower, but no complaints other than that-very clean, nice, great location. Free wifi but it was horribly slow and unreliable.