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HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

We really enjoyed our stay here. Perfect location and every part of the building is really nice. There is a beer tour that leaves from the hostel but we were not impressed with it. The places were good but the guide didn't do or say much and it was a bit unorganized. People were very friendly and there was a good common area in the hostel. Would definitely recommend staying here.


Had an amazing time at this hostel. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the restaurant/bar had great food and drinks.

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

This hostel was very clean and spacious. The showers were nice an hot which was great, and the location indeed was very good. I was unimpressed by the staff however. There were so many people that needed something done at reception that the staff was rushed and impatient. The map was also terrible. Just one unclear printed page. This was a shame because there are maps for Brussels made by locals that are amazing. So if possible, get your hands on one of those.

Age Budapest Youth Centre

Budapest, Hungary

No customer comment

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Loved the hostel and the never ending tea and coffee! It was also very nice to have a walking tour that left from the hostel and beer tasting right in the common room. I'm sure the hostel will be beautiful once all the renovations inside are complete however it was quite unfortunate that there was so much work going on during my stay.

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Loved the restaurant and the common room. Was so surprised and delighted when I saw that there was yoga on Thursday morning. It was also fantastic having tours that left right from the hostel.

Hostel Santini Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Had an amazing stay at this hostel. All the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Very apt to point out anything on a map or suggest different things to do or places to eat around the city. If they didn't have an answer to a question they would look it up immediately to make sure we got what we needed. Highly recommended.