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Bee.W Hostel Bar

Sao Paulo, Brazil

So, I had a great time in this hostel. The staff was really friendly, especially ISA. Rooms are large and dorms as well. Their location is perfect for me. There are many bathrooms. Sadly, I didnt have time to enjoy the bar. Definitely, I found a good price and place to stay in São Paulo.

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Dear Guest! Thank you for your compliment! We passed it on to Isa. We hope to see you again. Thanks Bee.Welcome

HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

This hostek is ok. Everything is enough to stay good. However, I had a problem. I was sleeping when I woke up with a cat in my bed. I went to the front desk, but there was no one. I took off the cat and slept again. In the next morning, the cat continued in the bedroom. Luckly, it was my last night. I dont know whats happened, but it wasnt good to wake up with a cat in your bed!


It is a good hostel. Their location is awesome and they have a quite nice schedule. The dead guys tour is pretty funny, which you can visit where bruce lee is buried and the jimi Hendrix memorial. The bedroom is really organized with good lockers. The bed on the top is a little bite too tall and the mattress is loose. The bathroom is good, specially two of four, because there are box in the shower. The common area is nice, included 3 free dinners during the week.