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AAE Bourbon House Hostel

New Orleans, USA

This hostel is far from the tourist area, so going out will be hard. Stay at this hostel if you want to see architecture and have a less rowdy experience. The hostel is in the garden district, the houses in the area are beautiful, historic and the cool thing about it, not widely traveled by tourists. Now for the bad, this hostel is more of a rest stop for people, its really a hotel type experience, so dont expect to party here. Also it only has 3 bathrooms so plan showers & hangovers accordingly


If you want to party and see all the charm that is the french quarter and all of bourbon street, definitely stay at this hostel. You cant beat its location and atmosphere. Its definitely a party crowd. The hostel also offers some great deals on food, for those of you who are on a budget. Their breakfast is amazing!!!! its actual food not just toast and butter like other hotels. The rooms are decent, just make sure your room has AC.. NOLA is hot as balls!

Sampa Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

look no further

LimeTime Hostels - V. Madalena

Sao Paulo, Brazil

No customer comment

Palermo House

Buenos Aires, Argentina

so this hostel is definitely a party zone..its a great place to meet people. its location is awesome. serioulsy a 10 min walk to a street full of bars and juan baston. The only problem i saw is that if you have an issue with your room they wont fix it. if you arent a high strung individual you will like this place.


best hostel ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have an activity for every day of the night.