Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Germany, Gender: Male, Age: 48

Alcatraz Backpacker Hostel

Berlin, Germany

It was my 2nd stay at Alcatraz. Evth perfect, I definitely recommend it!

Cozy Bangkok Place

Bangkok, Thailand

The hostel is really cozy!!! Good location, very nice staff. Hostel has evth. you need.

Alcatraz Backpacker Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Its a small and cosy hostel, which I prefer to the big ones in Berlin for hundreds of people. It was a nice stay. The hostel has more or less evth. a hostel needs. Location in Prenzlberg is fine, although its not a party zone.

Backpackers Fairytale

Split, Croatia

Very good hostel close to the city center, has evth. a hostel needs, esp. common room and balcony are very cosy. Staff very friendly and helpful, rooms and beds clean and comfortable. Only drawbacks: Its on the 4th floor. There are many stairs to step and there were only few guests. Maybe because they are a bit more expensive than others. But I think its worth it.

Hostel Nina

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Hostel is perfect located near the Old Bridge. Nina and family are living in the same house. They are very helpful, f.i. she recommended an excellent and cheap restaurant. Good place to stay. I definitely recommend it.

Old Town Hostel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The hostel has evth a hostel needs. Perfect location close to the Stradun. Had some nice evenings in the common room. On my last day the owner installed a flat screen, connected to the computers. So one can show the fellows what he has on the computer screen. Awesome!

The MadHouse Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Perfect located between old town and new town (Stare Mesto and Novo Mesto). Evth. in walking distance! Great place to meet other travellers, also for entertainment and amusement.

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

No customer comment

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Way hostel is super. The only thing, that doesn't make it perfect, is that it is so big. There are sooo many people. Normally in a hostel I try to get to know my fellows. In Madrid this was impossible. Okay, that's not the most evil, one can complain. The free breakfast, for instance, is excellent. But if you're not very early you have to queue like in a canteen. Big advantage is that they have plenty of bathrooms and toilets, there you never have tot wait. Pub crawl and so on:def. enjoyable!


Moscow, Russia

Very nice hostel!!! Small, cosy, with good atmosphere and very cheerful and helpful staff. I had a good time there for over one week. All the sights in walking distance, cafes, restaurants and clubs. The only complaint: I couldn't pass facecontrol at the club, so I have to work on my beauty! ;-)

Aboriginal Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Excellent hostel with everything you need, even two internetpoints. Very helpful staff. Very Safe with codesystem, even it can sometimes be nervy, always to take your key with you, even on the toilet.

Funny Dolphin Hostel

Sevastopol, Ukraine

Manita and Yuri run the hostel nearby. Theyre not always there. They welcome and advice you. For further questions you have to phone them, but that for free from the hostels phone. Hot water didnt work well and the 6bedroom is too packed. No more space for your stuff. When you meet the right people its alright. Sevastopol is definitely worth to go there - the harbourside, so many sights around. Even the trip to there might cost you a long trip.

Why Not? Chillout Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine

I had a gorgeous stay at Chillout. The hostelrunners make you feel like living in your community. Every guest is included, when it comes to going out for nightlife. Lidka and Joanna doing a great job, helping U with everything. Particularly Joanna is the Queen of hostelrunners! The only minus is, that there is only one bathroom and shower. If the hostel is full, this is very little!

City Hostel N├╝rnberg

Nuremberg, Germany

The steelboxes instead of cupboards are a bit small, but therefore safe. Its in the very city centre. You have everything around the corner.

Lollis Homestay

Dresden, Germany

located in a quarter with lots of pubs and cafes, friendly staff, rooms with almost "bed landscapes" - 100 % to recommend!

Pula Art Hostel

Pula, Croatia

Friendly staff, the hostel has everything one needs, internet, laundry, bike rent, kitchen/fridge. It is good to reach by car or motorbike. One can park on the street and its quite safe. 50 m outside there is a small shop, to the city center there are only 10 min walk. The coast is some kilometres away and it has beautyful spots for swimming. 100 % to recommend, I'll be back one day! ;-)