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Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 30

Masaya Hostel Bogotá

Bogota, Colombia

One of the best hostel that I stayed in all my trips! Nice atmosphere, nice location and awesome rooms with comfortable beds! The showers are awesome, hot showers indeed. I recommend!!

El Viajero San Andres Hostel & Suites

San Andres Island, Colombia

Nice hostel with a great atmosphere. They have a great bar in last floor but in my days over there didn't have much people. The rooms are great, great bed, great AC, just the bathroom could be better. We had problem with energy in bathroom, 2 days without light inside the bathroom. This things just happen ;) I love the staffs, always so nice and so excited and ready to help!

La Brisa Loca

Santa Marta, Colombia

This hostel is awesome!!! The best part is the pool inside the hostel in front of our room!!! The roof is unbelievable! Nice atmosphere and nice to meet people!

El Viajero Cartagena Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

A big hostel near to a great restaurantes, market and banks. Nice atmosphere and easy to meet people! Not a party hostel, but the bar is great and a lot of people stay there at night. The AC helps a lot, but the bathroom inside the room could be better! I recommend and my stay there was awesome!

Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

A nice hostel with a awesome location. Parque Lleras is the location in Medellin. A lot of restaurantes, markets, mall and bars around the hostel. The structure of the hostel is awesome, a big bar! The only thing that we didn't like at all were the receptionists, always in a bad mood with us. They didn't help in nothing.

Fulano Backpackers

Bogota, Colombia

The hostel was very good, nice location, good security, but not for parties, a quiet hostel.

Che Lagarto Hostel Maresias

Maresias, Brazil

Very good hostel near to the beach, just 5 minutes walking. Good rooms with AC. Just the mosquitos at night was a bad thing, we can't stay out of our room haha

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Great Hostel!!! Excellent location and nice bar!

Hobo Bear Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

The hostel is great! Clean and in a good location! The best thing in this hostel is the half price in all drinks between 9 to 10 pm!! =)

Hostel Indigo

Sibenik, Croatia

The hostel was great, the only problem is the bathroom, to take a shower, you must to go to the fifth floor!

The Hostel

Zadar, Croatia

Awesome hostel!!! Is not so long from old town. There are two markets close to the hostel. The bed is so good and bedroom is awesome!! Marina is one of the bests staffs that i met! =D

Hostel Villa Skansi

Hvar, Croatia

I was staying with 5 girls in my room and their brought 3 guys to slept with them one night. They were make a lot of noise at 6 am and a i ask to stop. The guy said to me to shut up and if i don't, he is going to broke my nose. I leave the room to try find a staff and i couldn't. This hostel doesn't have any control with your guests and i don't recommend because of this. Everybody can pass and go to the rooms or bathrooms.

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Dear customer, during the night our security guard is in hostel and take care of noise and security.If you had any problems you could report it to the security and we would easily take care of any problem.We have control with guests and anything happening in the house for sure and we take care of the guests and try to help in any situation.Anyway thank you for staying with us.

Split Backpackers

Split, Croatia

No customer comment

Dubrovnik Backpackers Club

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Excelent hostel, excelente family and excelent staff!! A great place to meet people!!!