Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Katowice Centrum

Katowice, Poland

Not a bad hostel, not much going on but great for a few nights. Respecatbly priced and very comfortable. Can be a little noisy at night as the sound of people moving around the hostel really travels, though they do try enforce quiet time after 11pm. Kitchen was available and there are several bathrooms. Didn't stay long enough to be able to really say how good this place was but was satisfied with it for the night we stayed. Good beds.

Orange Hostel Krakow

Krakow, Poland

The Hostel is fairly good, staff were very friendly and helpful with a lot of matters, however it is slightly noisy and the rooms were a bit unclean. There are only 4 showers for the whole hostel which means mornings are a bit of a battle to get in and the shower curtains did not come to the bottom of the showers meaning that the bathroom floors were always wet. Not enough bowls for breakfast but otherwise a decent enough hostel in a fairly good location.

Stop Wroclaw

Wroclaw, Poland

A wonderful hostel, run by a couple who are extremely helpful and friendly (they waited up for us to arrive at 2:30 am). The rooms all have their own theme and hand painted design, so they have a lovely feel to them. All very clean and tidy, the rooms are in another appartment so you have 3 rooms to two bathrooms and a very nice and well equiped kitchen. Located slightly out of the centre but fairly close to the botanical gardens and cathedral. A nice walk to the centre. Great value for money.

Happy Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Value for money isn't really a thing in austria, this hostel is cheap in comparison to many competitors but still expensive. Rooms are grouped together so you share a bathroom and kitchen with two other rooms, kitchen was not massively well equipped though. Rooms were ok, fairly comfy but felt like it could have done with a bit of updating as it felt a little run down. location is good for the train station but it is a long walk to the centre and most of the sights.

Honey Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

A lovely Hostel, very small so not really for those after a big lively hostel. Great for couples looking for a cheap, quiet place to stay. Not far from the main sights on the Pest side. Receptionist lives in the building and is very nice and friendly. Excellent kitchen are with free tea/coffee. In general very nice though it could have done with a bit of a clean around when we were there.

Accommodation Nokturno

Zagreb, Croatia

A nice hostel in an excellent location. The restaurant underneath is also excellent and very cheap. Staff were helpful throughout our stay and washing machine was available for use (though it was often in use). Only downside was that there are only two bathrooms to around 3 rooms (something like 13 beds) and one of the showers was a bit broken so leaked a fair amount. Reccommend it nonetheless.

Citadel Accommodation

Zadar, Croatia

A nice appartment in the very centre of Zadar. You have to call the owner to get let in and there is no wifi which is a bit annoying , however the owner provides free wifi in his bar and gave us some vouchers for an internet cafe as well. Room was very nice clean and comfortable, and the appartment also has a well equiped kitchen you can use. There were only two bedrooms in the appartment so you don't have to share facilities with many others. Reccommend

Rooms Center

Rijeka, Croatia

A lovely little guesthouse in an appartment above the main shopping street, was noisy at night as there are a few bars in the immediate area. Rooms were very nice had fans which was a bonus due to the heat when we were there. Very clean. The owner was rarely around but their mother is almost always there if you need things (though she speaks only croatian but is very lovely anyway). They were happy to provide coffee and Rakija for breakfast.

Aladin hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Generally quite a good hostel, rooms seemed clean if a little small, ours had a broken blind which wouldn't close (they were awaiting a new one) so room got light very early, hot from the sun and noisy due to the road below. Kitchen area was handy. Bathrooms were a small and poorly ventilated so got very hot and damp. Hostel is a long way from centre (45 mins) but cheap as a result. Lots of people staying are long term residents so had a slightly strange atmosphere, ddn't see many other tourists

Hotel Alabarda

Trieste, Italy

For the money the room was slightly dissapointing, seemed a little unclean, a bit run down and slightly dark. Bathrooms were good though. Location is excellent, no more than 5/10 mins to the station and town centre, near to the sea front. Breakfast was good and included in price.

Hostel Lipa

Prague, Czech Republic

A very nice little hostel, they do not have a full time reception but the guy (sorry forgotten his name) is often in the hostel. Good Kitchen and Bathrooms, and the room (we stayed in red room) was comfortable and fairly large. Only problems we had was that the red room is on the corner so you get a fair amount of road noise, and that the hostel is quite a long way from the centre, though this is reflected in the price and small homely feel of the place. Reccommended!