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Location: Germany, Gender: Male, Age: 27

Happy Dragon Hostel

Beijing, China

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Trip and Friends

Marrakech, Morocco

Our stay was from the first night negativly influenced by the staff, who didn't accept the smell of cat pee in our room. After a long discussion we slept on the roof, because we couldn't stand the smell. Unfortunately the staff in total is not able to help you proberly, because the most are too young and are just focused about their ipads, iphones and whatever, but definately not the customers/ guest.

Hostal Catedral

Seville, Spain

The "Hostel" is in reality no hostel. It has neither a atmosphere nor staff, who speaks english. So either you are good in body language or in spanish, otherwise it's going to be hard to communicate. Furthermore you can't print anything, because they are not authorized to do anything. The place in general is in an average location as well as the cleanness is nothing special. To sum up, we would definitely never go to this hostel again, if we stay one more time in Seville.

Algarve Hostel

Faro, Portugal

Awesome hostel atmosphere with great hospitality and nice hostel owners, who run the hostel. We spend 5 nights there and had nothing to worry about. To sum up: Best place to be in Faro.

LxCorner Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

The location was quite good, but wether the atmosphere nor the staff was than expected. Sometimes we had to ring 5 times on the door until someone opened. People where all the time pretty noisy eventhough it was 3 a.m. in the morning. Showers where dirty and didn't work all the time.

Oporto City Hostel

Porto, Portugal

Great hostel with great staff. We stayed there for three nights and had a good time.

Arsenal Tavern Backpackers

London, England

We stayed there for the first night in London and had to change the accomodation, due to the very dirty facilities. The common room where not as cosy as the pictures. Sleeping on the very thin mattress was more pain than recovery. I dont recommend this hostel.

Green Tulip House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sehr gute Empfehlung von Elefantentouren und anderen Aktivit├Ąten. H├Ątten eine sehr gute Zeit im Green Tulip.


The time I had at the sparkling turtle will never be forgotten. The great staff - from the chef up to the great canadian managers - makes it hard to leave this place. In addition I've never seen such luxury facilities then in this hostel - you feel like in a palast. You can get a lot support from the hostel if you don't know what to do in Nepal or where to stay next. They are very well connected to a lot of people and if you are as cool as me you might get even a job offer ;)