Reviews: Anonymous


the staff was very unfriendly and little helpful, the common area is on the street ,only place with wifi , coffee was the worst breakfast I ever made, a bagel dry and hard, just a tiny portion of butter and other minimal portion of marmalade , without any repetition and much less over a portion or bread . The room was clean, but either too hot (they turn the heater on high) or too cold (no covering), no middle ground. if you are like me with luggage , will suffer, no elevator, many stairs.

Jugendherberge Augsburg

Augsburg, Germany

the wifi really works just in the reception, in the room is bad, the staff is really good, the location is bad, you need take a taxi always, generally 5 euros or 7 when the transit is bad. Augsburg is not so nearly from Munchen, almost 1 hour to go, and don´t have many trains, if you need go several times to Munchen or other cities nearly from Augsburg you have to buy a bavarian pass, is really more cheap.

Hotel Le Village

Stuttgart, Germany

This hostel is little far away from sttutgart, but you can go really easy by traim regional. The breakfeast is great! The rooms .

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

The internet wifi just works in the reception, have many people in the reception, this a comom room, everybary goes with a computer or a smathphone, is hard to get a place, but the atmosfere is wanderful, the breakfast is included and was really good. the cleanliness is good, not like oder hostels, but is really next to main train station.


The wifi is very slow, just 3 hours in a 128kbps, in the room just have a shower, don´t have a sanitary, the sanitary is comum for woman and man, this is very difficult. Is really nearly to main station, but the street have a lot of sex shops, this is really wear and like dangereous..

Max Hostel

Bonn, Germany

The hostel's reception was terrible, the owner, I believe, very thick, maybe I had the misfortune of knowing a bad day, no wifi, the site contained there, which deceives the customer tremendously. there is no elevator and you have to climb three floors to get to your room, the bathroom is common to all, there is no separation between boys and girls, do not look too clean, too.

Black Sheep Hostel

Cologne, Germany

Don´t have wifi in the hostel, the cleanliness is very poor, the room smells really bad, main after a night with the windows closed. the breakfeast is poor, just bread and butter and some gelly. You can cooking your meal with you want, but the kitchen don´t have a good appearance of cleanliness.


Amazing place, nice staff, confortally, clean, location is good near from main station and de most important things to do. i recomend.

Schlafmeile Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Well the problem is the doors are for the street, the bathrooms is comum for everything, the showers are bad, the staff is very nice, but you need pay for the breakfeast and don´t have wifi free in the room, you need come to the "pub" to loggin.

Mona Lisa Hostel

Rome, Italy

is really next for the places, but, don't have a condition to be a hostel, and be is this site, please, 10 beds in a room? 30 people for 2 bathrooms? the worst hostel there i have see. don't have a security, the door was always open, even the principal in the 2th flour and the elevator is really old. The major of the hostel was really nice, and help with everything, but the place don't have de minimal condition to be a hostel. don't have a free breakfast, and don't have a locked.

B&B Carmen

Verona, Italy

nice place, near from everthing.

B&B La Tana

Verona, Italy

best place that i have meet, wonderful place, really near from every important place of Verona, low price, clean, and the major is the best friendly people that i meet in italy, explain how can i visit the city, what do and don't do, give me a map directions of best places to visit, and the time to visit. really a best place in verona! thanks for all.