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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 46

Grann's Hostel

Kuta, Indonesia

When I stayed at Grannys last year, I enjoyed it and gave it a great review. It was quiet & I felt it was a nice alternative to the loud party hostels closer to the beach. Now it has just become another Kuta party hostel. I stayed up till well past midnight, singing and jamming with everyone because I knew I wouldn't get to sleep anyway with the noise downstairs. The staff is exceptionally nice and this hostel will appeal to a lot of people. Just not for me anymore.

Seoul I Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

First of all, this hostel was very clean, probably one of the cleanest I've ever been in. The rooms were nice and the beds had a privacy curtain which made it more comfortable. The owner was awesome. Even though I was very late, he left instructions for me outside for how I can access my room. This was very thoughtful of him. The only downside for me, and the reason this is not a perfect review, is because the hostel itself was freezing. My hands and feet were both icy cold until 1 or 2 AM, wh

Museum View Hotel

Cairo, Egypt

This hostel is dirty. The Wifi was sparse )even by Egyptian standards. The sink in the bathroom dripped all night. The mattresses were heavily stained. There were flies everywhere because the windows are left open. All you hear is noise ALL NIGHT from Tahrir Square. It is LOUD. All night. In addition, the door to the outside is padlocked. If there is an emergency (and in this building, it wouldn't surprise) you could be in trouble.

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Very nice building. Very convenient location in Madrid. But that's about it. Beds are low quality & noisy. People come and go at all hours. Doors slam constantly, drunk people streaming in and out making lots of noise with staff seeming not to mind. The bar is nice - big with inexpensive drinks. The drinks, while listed as 1 litre are about 3/4 beer and 1/4 foam. Rarely a full pour. The staff is OK. f you want peace and quiet after a long day of being out and around the town, look elsewhere.

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We are so sorry to hear that you didnt have a very pleasent stay. You are right, Cat's Hostel is a party hostel, with parties, concerts and events going through all week. That's why we have our sister hostel: MAD Hostel that is for people who want a quieter place to relax and rest.

Grann's Hostel

Kuta, Indonesia

Granny's is a very good hostel. It is new, so you will have go forgive them for the work they are doing and need to do. Right now, as of April 15, 2013, they are painting and doing other things. We stayed a few nights in the private room. Here are my impressions: 1. The dorm room - either the 8 or 4-bed room is a great deal 2. Our private room was very nice. A good deal. When the hostel is complete, they probably should raise the price. For now, it is good.

Nick's Homestay

Ubud, Indonesia

We were originally booked to stay here, but the Wifi was down. Unfortunately, I had to keep in touch with work for a couple days of my day, so this was important. The staff understood and moved me to another property - Nick's Pension. It would be unfair of me to review that site here, What I was able to see of Nick's Homestay was that it is very nice, clean, and the staff are super friendly. Plus, if you stay here, you have access to the pools on the other properties. Great value!

Six Degrees

Jakarta, Indonesia

I loved my stay at Six Degrees. The staff and owners were great. The house kitty was adorable. My room was clean, there was plenty to do (movies, TV shows, Pool, darts, etc). What more could you want? And if you have any issues (you probably won't) the owners are right there to talk to. I stayed at Six Degrees for my last two nights in Indonesia to kinda decompress after nearly 3 weeks of staying with locals with Couchsurfing before flying home. I couldn't have asked for nicer people. Thank you!