Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 34

365 Inn

Beijing, China

The staff were very helpful and very friendly and could speak english well. They seemed like the only people in Beijing that could speak english. I usually don't like hard floors because it makes my feet feel dirty after a shower but I don't know what the janitors do but the shower and toilet floors are so dry and clean all the time. Wifi is good and I spent a lot of time in their bar. A great great place, location is great, right next to the main sites that are lined up like dominoes. A+++


The place isn't filthy but it's not clean. Floors are OK but the sheets are as if they hang dried them with smokers around and then they pulled them off the lines damp. The capsules are like enclosed mugginess, it's not like they have ventilation and AC, and noise travels. Staff could be better but they're fine. WIFI did not work while I was there and the staff really couldn't do anything. Odd system of them keeping your shoes to get a key to give that key up for your room key. Bathing is nice.


Kyoto, Japan

It's a bit of a hike from a metro station. Scout it out with googlemaps. Once you get there you can just take a bicycle everywhere. The workers are A+ and are very sociable and speak very good english. They take high pride in keeping the place clean, barefeet is comfortable. There's carpet so that was great to me. Wifi is good. Lots of free beverages and books to read. The interior is kind of traditional but everything is very new. They have small lockers only and the space is like a submarine.


The location seems a little grimey but I think it's quite safe. The workers at the hostel are very generous and show concern to the guests. The place reminds me of a old school with the old tiles and long hallways. I stayed in a one bedroom. Visually it looks dirty, but if you smell and touch everything I think everything is clean. If I ever come back to Osaka I could stay here again. Right next to a metro and the free breakfast is in the cafe next door and it's sort of burlesque. Not bad at all

Hotel New Azuma

Tokyo, Japan

I gave the place honest ratings with consideration of what people generally look for. I don't think it's really a social hostel. The location is a quiet part of Tokyo away from the action. I really liked it though because it allowed my mind to relax a bit. I got a single and slept in. Most of the staff speak good enough english and were very sweet. A few stops away from Ueno and you're back into the action. Everything worked and it was clean. Mostly old Japanese men checked in. I will stay again

Ace Inn Shinjuku

Tokyo, Japan

The curfew was the main thing about this hostel. The man is very nice upfront. I didn't like the bathroom, typical of a mid level hostel, but kind of icky at least on my floor. I got locked out in the rain, luckily by sheer luck was someone walking by to let me in. The wifi was very good. Another complaint was you're stuck in a room with a lot of people and the beds are these cheap wooden things that creak loudly and easily. I got in late and made someone mad but it's not my fault it's the bed


This hostel is actually split up into two buildings about a block away in distance. The location I'm certain was a home at one time. It was clean staff was good. They had a bar in one building and the kitchen in the building I stayed in was sociable. Warm water, WIFI was shot when I went, you could get wifi for small increments of time. Everything was fine, my main complaint was something would bite me several times in the middle of the night, it might be mosquitoes but they were super itchy.

Khaosan Tokyo Original

Tokyo, Japan

Staff speak English and welcome your attempts at Japanese. A+ staff, super nice, super helpful, one helped me out with where to find all the action. I left my braces there and came back a day later and they held onto them for me after finding them. Place has a bidet. Hostel is a little cramped and you have to work around people everywhere, but it's just fine for a hostel at that price. I have a lasting impression of this place and I only stayed one night.

Space Pod Houston

Houston, USA

Overall a good place to stay. I've stayed in many hostels before but this is someone's home. There is about a $5 extra tab you have to add onto your online bill. She treats you like a house guest so the service is very generous. As far as I could tell there is only one room. This is not a place with hostel parties all night and I wouldn't think it's OK to bring a new friend back with you. It's just like staying at an acquaintence's home so be a little more respectful I think. She's nice.


I've been to a few hostels around the world. It seemed kind of sketchy at first because there were some weird people bugging the receptionist when I first got there. Like they all didn't seem like they were all there in the head. Be patient if the receptionist seems rude, he's actually nice I find. I got a upgrade, no extra charge for some reason. My mattress was bad and the blanket was made for a 5 year old. The place LOOKED tore up at first but it's actually clean. Location is perfect!


needs laundry. Someone is doing parkour and stole my towell hanging off the balcony rail. I think that means let the visitors know to lock the windows because someone could easily parkour into the room and take laptops and stuff. The shower and especially the bathroom floor was amazing. I usually don't like putting my barefeet on the floor after taking a shower but your hostel was nice and clean. I like the dim green light in rooms that way you can have light but not disturb others.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Great bar downstairs. It was real lively compared to other hostels but that didn't cause problems upstairs because the sound didn't carry. Lots of room in the hostel to work with so it was great not to have to share space. The staff were good about enforcing rules to people and were at the same time very pleasant.

HI-Vancouver Central

Vancouver, Canada

Showers are nice and warm. The place is clean and the lockers are big. I thought the beds were very comfortable. Yes it's on a lively street with lots of bars but I didn't think it was bad at all, I'm a light sleeper and I got plenty of sleep. The floor space in the rooms are kind of small so expect to work around each other. The location is right where a lot of things are going on and there's plenty of food, night life, tourism nearby,and ways to get around. The VC film festival is closeby.