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Location: Brazil, Gender: Female, Age: 32

BBK Bilbao Good Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

Nice staff, not so nice location (far away from the center, train running just outside our window all night long), common area as a basement. Breakfast and friendliness of the girl working at the reception were a great plus. Not the best, not the worst place I've stayed. For a next time I would rather go for somewhere more central.

Oldtown Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

This hostel is beautiful and well located, but lacks any kind of character. The lounge was as loud as a funeral, with all guests sitting alone and playing with their smartphones. You can use the fridge and make tea, but, considering the price, they could easily offer breakfast as well. The owner is polite and keeps smiling, but the staff is not friendly and don't make much effort to help you. Although they speak good English, communication was always a burden since they simply didn't care.

Budget Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

This hostel has simply no atmosphere: there is no common area except for the crowded entrance, the rooms are so tiny that all the bunk beds have less than 10 cm from each other (which makes you sleep almost in the same bed as your neighbor), there are no room keys, there is no breakfast (even if the website says so), the staff speaks NO English, and we experienced a traveller being charges 25% more (although the prices are supposedly fixed). Although the location is amazing, I don't recommend!

Step Inn Guest House and Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great atmosphere, very nice international staff, really great location with plenty of cheap restaurants nearby, but overall very expensive for what you get: the rooms are small and very hot (even with the ventilator, you simply get no air!), the breakfast is a joke (cheap toast, margarine and something supposed to be jelly), and the place is not very clean. Great place to stay due to the amazing people we randomly met, but hadn't they been there, we wouldn't have had much positive to report.

Riad Baraka

Chefchaouen, Morocco

The place is gorgeous and spotless clean, hot water is really hot, and location could not be better. Whether it is or isn't recommended for couples will depend on how long other guests are staying in the rooftop terrace: in our first night, it was unfortunately loud after way past midnight :( Facilities are ok, but it's a pity though that it doesn't have a kitchen or more toilets. Owner is nice, but since it's owned by a British family, you won't get much of Moroccan culture while staying here.

Kismet Dao Hostel

Brasov, Romania

Excellent hostel with an excellent atmosphere. We stayed there for two nights and wish we could have stayed longer. Nice common area in the underground, nice kitchen, lovely staff, comfy beds, free drinks every day... Dont go for a hostel near the station, since this is located far away from the center. Come to this place instead, which is inbetween both. Taxis around town cost less than 2 euro.


Nobody can't say it's a beautiful place, but it's a pity that it lacks personality. In the evening, we felt like we were at a library, so silent that people talked whispering. They might have a flees problem, as I am still itching from the hundreds bites I got. Guy at reception was nice, but we saw the owner being impolite with other tourists. We probably would not stay there again.

Atillas Getaway

Selcuk, Turkey

This isn't a hostel, but a traveler's resort! The difference: you get everything a resort offers (gorgeous swimming pool, game fields, etc.) for the money and - most importantly - with the atmosphere of a hostel. The staff is absolutely incredible, the food excellent (dinner was also included!), the free shuttle service a huge plus. We've never stayed in a hostel with a breakfast menu for you to choose before. It's a pity not every hostel can be like Attila's. We could live in this place forever

Rekord Hostel

Skopje, Macedonia

Although a little bit pricey for Macedonia, this hostel is definitely a great place to stay. We stayed there for two nights and enjoyed the great atmosphere. Owners are great young women full of energy. The place is really beautifully decorated and the location couldn't be better. If we are to complain about something, then it would be the fact that they serve no breakfast, only a packed croissant, and have no kitchen. And that the bathrooms weren't always the cleanest.

UNITY Hostel Skopje

Skopje, Macedonia

What a beautiful place to stay! In Unity, everything is in its perfect place. The young talkative owner and his girlfiend seem to have thought about every single detail in order to make this an unique place. Price includes an excellent breakfast. We were only sorry that at the moment we declared we wanted to stay two more nights and owner said it was ok, Murphy law made someone book the last three beds available :( Next time, we will book online too.

Florian Shkodra Guesthouse

Shkoder, Albania

The hostel carries the name of its owner, an unfriendly & aggressive person who shouts at you everytime something goes other than he expects & shouldnt work with people. Our room smelled like urine, we complained, the girl working there found a bag full of dirty clothes under our bed (!!!) and still he "didn't understand our problem". Next day he "invaded" our private room at 8am to ask for payment & tried to charge us 10$ more than what we owed. Stay away from this place! Food is the only good.

Montenegro Hostel

Kotor, Montenegro

The hotel has a great atmosphe and the people working there is really great. The location is perfect when you come from the bus station or from a boat, but it's a nightmare in the evening, except if you want to party: extremely loud music from the bars outside only stops at 1am. Apart from that, everything was perfect.

4U Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

This hostel consists of two rooms in a basement. The owner is a nice young lady who does everything for the guests to feel comfortable and was nice enough to show us around (for free!). Considering the price, this is a great place! But of course, you shouldn't expect any luxury: no common area, no 24 hour reception, no breakfast, no sunlight. For the price, we weren't expecting more. One point of criticism of ours is that the common shower hasn't been cleaned during our entire stay (2 nights).

Tresor Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

We didn't spend much time in this hostel, but we guess this is a very nice place. It's huge and nicely decorated. Breakfast is good for a hostel. Book exchange is great!


Great place to stay, very well located. We were unlucky to have extremely messy people in our room and think maybe the staff could have talked to them (we complained three times!) and told them to at least don't leave so much garbage in the floor, but unfortunately hostel staff wasn't very effective. Apart from that, everything was ok.

St Christopher's Camden

London, England

Great hostel! Everything excellent! Unfortunately only stayed for one night, but next time surely coming back to this place. Hostel guests have a 10% discount in the bar, I'm sorry I didn't have the chance to use it. What would be even nicer is if the breakfast time starts a bit earlier... we had to leave at 8am, so we missed it - seriously, 8:15 is a bit late to start serving breakfast in a hostel! Why not 7:30?!

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THanks much for the awesome review!!! So glad you had a good time in Camden and it means a lot to us to hear such nice reviews! It makes all our work feel so much more successful!