Reviews: Anonymous


Location is very close to the train station, but also one street away from the red light district and a place where I saw groups of people doing drugs on the sidewalk. The front desk workers were very slow and the kitchen was under furnished. There is no stove or oven. The place is very clean though and the security is good. Key cards used for EVERY door, including bathrooms.

City Hostel N├╝rnberg

Nuremberg, Germany

The toilets don't flush well, the motion detector lights don't wll, leaving the halls dark and creepy, and they charge for wifi. Otherwise this was a good hostel. The location is excellent. It's in the heart of Nuremberg and less than ten minutes from the train station. I had a great time. (There's also an amazing comic/game shop around the corner if you like that stuff.)

Black Sheep Hostel

Cologne, Germany

Great stay all around. These people know what they're doing. The only drawback is it's a bit far from town.

Sabine House

Paris, France

Sabine House is very clean and nice, but I had trouble with the staff while I was there. When I arrived I had a lot of bug bites from a trip to Ireland and my host wouldn't believe that's all they were. She seemed to think I had fleas or something and wanted to isolate me as much as possible. There was also poor organization and communication. While I was there I stayed three nights and never slept in the same room twice. There kept being other people who needed my room for some reason.

Ashfield Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

This place is great. Best hostel I've been to so far.

Belsize House

London, England

The staff here was very kind and even gave me a single room when I had paid for a dorm. (I think it was just a weird booking thing, I didn't ask for the change.) The room came with two meals a day. The food wasn't the best but it was definitely decent. Best of all it had a great location. I was able to walk downtown. My room was simple, but it was secure and had a clean bed, which is all I really need. I'd stay here again.